Spelunker Potion: Know Professional ways to Craft It

If you are a Terraria fan, you must be aware of the Terraria potions. If not, then you must know that there are a total of 52 potions that you can brew. From this long list, there are only four potions that stand out as a unique option when it comes to mining. However, from all of these, the Spelunker Potion is one of the best. Why? Let’s read further to learn more about it.

What is Spelunker Potion?

Spelunker is a buff potion, and it grants a buff of five minutes when consumed. After consuming it reveals each and everything around you, such as treasures, ore, heart crystals, treasure chests, life fruits etc. Alternatively, you can cancel it at any time by clicking the cancel button.

As per the pro-Terraria players, Spelunker Potion is most useful when you use it along with full screen and a high resolution. With this trick, this potion will reveal almost every ore than it would be showing in windowed display settings.

Spelunker Potion: Know Professional ways to Craft It

If you have already used in the mines, but the results were not as per the expectations. Then you may use it in jungle or corruption biomes, as both of these places are highly rich in ores comparatively to others.

Due to the lack of experience, many players mistook copper ores for Adamantite Ore, because of their resemblances. In the game, only Hellstone is unaffected by this potion, and the reason behind it may be because the Hellstone is always found close to lava and is self-illuminated.

Quick Suggestions

  1. If you are trying to find any of the three hard mode ores, especially Adamantite/Titanium Ore. Then you should use this potion fly/grapple under the roof of the underworld. It is recommended because these ores are only available in abundance at that depth.
  2. If you find difficulties in distinguishing between Adamantite ore and Copper ore, then you must bear the fact in your mind that Adamantite is more violet in appearance, but the Copper ores are being more of a red.

How to Craft Spelunker Potion?

You already know the benefits offered by Spelunker Potion, and I am sure all of them sounds fascinating to you. You can brew a Spelunker Potion on your alchemy table whenever you want. Else you can also find it in underground chests.

Ingredients to Brew Terraria Spelunker Potion

  • Bottled Water x1
  • Blinkroot x1
  • Moonglow x1
  • Gold Ore x1
  • Platinum Ore x1

You Can Gather the Following Ingredients to Complete the Recipe.

  • Bottled Water:- To grab this, you don’t need to possess any particular action. Just stand near a body of water and open your inventory to the crafting section.
  • Blinkroot:- It usually grows on dirt without grass. Or you can find it regularly underground. If you want to grow it in your house, then it can be done by placing the dirt blocks outside, away from grass. After following these steps, blink-root will spawn naturally. Later you can put it inside a pot to let it grow. Always try to get it when you see it growing, and you’ll receive seeds.
  • MoonGlow:- To get it, head into the woods. It blooms at night. So, technically, it is the time when you can get the seed to start making more potions.
  • Gold or Platinum Ore:- Using just one piece of ore will allow you to gather much more.
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