Sofia Richie Wake Board Accident: What Happened to Her?

According to Sofia Richards, she got into an accident while wakeboarding and caused herself to obtain a black eye. She did not explain the circumstances surrounding the occurrence, but she did post a series of photos in which the bruise was clearly visible.

She included this as the caption: “Wakeboard: 1, Sof: 0.” She had previously posed in a yellow bikini to display her amazing form, so despite the event, she appeared to be in a happy mood. Along with a green sarong and a pair of sunglasses, she wore the yellow suit.

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She was also seen riding in a chopper with Charlotte Bickley, Daily Front Row’s Large editor, when they were both seen. After the media personality’s marriage to a music record executive was made public, it became clear that she has no immediate plans to become a mother.

The most recent article on celebrities’ accidents is available below:

According to a source who spoke to US Weekly, “They’re both still very young and they know they have their entire lives ahead of them.” She married Elliot in April, and the source continued, “They’re still adjusting to married life, and it still feels so exciting calling each other ‘husband’ and ‘wife.'”


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