Slick Barrier Net Worth: Who Is The Founder Of The Company?

Here we talk about the Slick Barrier, like who is the founder of it, what’s update on the shark tank, and Slick Barrier Net Worth. Insects and other pests can be kept at bay with Slick Barrier. This slippery barrier liquid prevents insects from entering the home. The pests can be readily managed with this novel and innovative device. All insects can be kept out of the house using this liquid.

Tony Gonzales and his brother Aaron Gonzales established Slick Barrier Products. Their unique bug-proofing barrier system is patent-protected and designed to keep insects outside where they belong. In contrast to insecticides, which kill insects upon contact, this solution works by preventing them from entering the home in the first place.

Aaron and his wife moved to Arizona without realizing the state has a severe scorpion problem caused by the Arizona Bark Scorpion. They had tried using pesticides to get rid of scorpions, but it had no effect.

After Aaron, their 3-year-old son was bitten by a scorpion, the family chose to sell the home out of fear for the boy’s health. After realizing that most insects and rodents can’t scale smooth surfaces, Aaron came up with the idea for the Physical Slick Barrier. Since Tony had experienced similar difficulties with Scorpion, he chose to team up with Aaron.

In Episode 13 of Season 14 of Shark Tank, co-founders Aaron and Tony pitched their business idea to the investors. Three companies—FryAway, AnyTongs, and Copy Keyboard—are participating in the episode of Shark Tank scheduled to air on January 27, 2023.

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What Is The Slick Barrier Net Worth?

One million dollars is how much Slick Barrier is thought to be worth. Scavengers, ants, termites, spiders, and more can all be a problem in Arizona. The Arizona Bark Scorpion is a very dangerous creature that can cause death in humans.

Insecticides are widely used, yet despite their effectiveness, they pose serious health risks to humans. The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States warns that pesticides can harm the nervous system.

Capital for Slick Barrier exceeds $1M

Before forming a partnership with a scientist to develop Slick Barrier, Aaron Gonzales tried his hand at several different coatings, such as epoxies and polyurethane varnishes. In 2018, the two co-founders of Scorpion Repel began offering the clear Barrier, which dries smooth as glass, as a service to homeowners.e

“Aaron Gonzales stated, “We had a couple of really successful years with it and kept developing it.” Slick Barrier began selling its water-based and solvent-based pest control barriers to consumers in late 2022. Scorpion Repel, the second pest control company founded by the same people, is still in operation.

More than five thousand properties in the Valley have been treated with Slick Barrier’s pesticide-free clear coating. The company has had inquiries from consumers in Nevada, Texas, and Colorado. More than $1.2 million in funding has been raised to date, allowing the company to acquire patents, increase marketing, and participate in industry events.

It’s great that we can provide this safety net for many of our clients, “Tony Gonzales commented. No method can guarantee 100% success, but we’ve seen excellent outcomes.


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Who Is The Founder Of Slick Barrier?

Tony and Aaron Gonzales, the company’s namesakes, worked with a team of chemists and manufacturers to develop the product’s proprietary composition.

Tony Gonzales

After completing his legal education at Arizona State University, Tony spent 13 years as a partner in the law firm of Garcia & Gonzales. He established Scorpion Ripple Company in 2016. In the first month of 2021, he joined Averzion Company as a co-founder.

Aaron Gonzales

After finishing up at the University of Phoenix, Aaron spent the next five years working for Verizon Wireless in various roles. In June 2017, he established 95 Applications LLC. After joining Scorpion Ripple in 2021, he eventually became a partner there.

Slick Barrier Before Shark Tank

While the barrier system’s inception occurred in 2013, it wasn’t until 2018 that Tony and Aarons linked Slick Barrier Products to the 95 Applications LLC firm. Both Tony and Aaron fell prey to insects and were stung by scorpions. Scorpions threaten their household; thus, precautions must be taken.

Slick Barrier Before Shark Tank
Slick Barrier Before Shark Tank

Thus, the formula for the barrier system was finally discovered after extensive research and collaboration with scientists and manufacturers. Since moving into their new Arizona home, the couple has been plagued by vermin. The families of both Tony and Aaron experienced pest problems, which inspired them to develop the slick Barrier.

Upon completion of development, the product was put through rigorous testing at Texas A&M and New Mexico State, where it was shown to be effective in eradicating the pest in question. In 2021, they patented the Pest Barrier System, and there are still two pending patents.

For 59 days beginning on May 31, 2022, they ran a crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter but ultimately only managed to raise $897. They have canceled the campaign and promised to deliver the product to their nine donors by the middle of July 2022.

Slick Barrier Shark Tank Update

The product website had a surge in traffic after January 27, 2023, airing of the fourteenth season premiere of Shark Tank. Tony and Aaron discuss their product, revenue, and ideation process on Shark Tank. We are keeping an eye on Tony and Aaron Gonzales and their business.

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