Silvio Scaglia Net Worth 2022: What Was The Legal Issues With Him?

Here we are talking about Silvio Scaglia Net Worth 2022. Silvio Scaglia Haart, a media and technology entrepreneur from Switzerland, was born on October 14, 1958. Fastweb, an Italian telecom business, was founded by Scaglia. Additionally, he was a founding partner of Freedom Holding, the holding company that governs Elite World Group (formerly Pacific Global Management Group). He started SHS management, an asset management business with AI, in the year 2020.

Silvio Scaglia Net Worth

Co-founder of Elite Model Management and Elite World Group Silvio Scaglia has a $1 billion estimated net worth as of 2022. He is an entrepreneur in media and technology. It was later determined that his ex-wife, Julia Haart, did not actually own 50% of the penthouse at 70 Vestry Street, despite her claims to do so. Its value is $65 million.

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Early Life of Silvio Scaglia

On October 14, 1958, in Lucerne, Switzerland, Scaglia was born. He pursued his education at the Polytechnic University of Turin, where he earned a cum laude in electronic engineering in 1983.

Silvio Scaglia’s Career

Initial Career

Following graduation, Scaglia started working with Aeritalia Spazio, where he spent some time working on the Tethered satellite project in collaboration with NASA and an American aerospace business called Martin Marietta. Scaglia spent three years as a project manager for Andersen Consulting after leaving his job at Aeritalia Spazio.

In 1986, Scaglia joined McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, where he served customers in the German and Italian automobile industries. Additionally, Scaglia worked as a consultant for the Italian company Piaggio & C. SPA.

Alongside Italian businessman Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, Scaglia was appointed general manager of Piaggio’s Spanish affiliate in the early 1990s. Later, under the direction of Agnelli, he was appointed Senior Vice President at Piaggio, where he oversaw the relaunch of the company’s operations outside of Europe and restored its presence in China, India, and Latin America.

Silvio Scaglia Net Worth 2022


After receiving the second mobile telephone license in 1994, Scaglia joined Omnitel, now Vodafone Italy, where he served as CEO and oversaw the company’s initial launch in 1995. Scaglia led Omnitel as CEO until 1999.


Scaglia realized that the technology was now prepared to build a fully integrated IP telecommunications network during his time at Omnitel. e.Biscom was introduced by Scaglia, financier Francesco Micheli, and other business leaders in July 1999. It was established with the goal of creating an Italian entirely IP, triple-play, fiber-optic network. In addition to offering fiber-optic networks to both commercial and residential customers, e.Biscom was the first operator in the world to introduce home telephony services.

To expand and fund the construction of their fiber-optic network in important Italian cities, e.Biscom went public on the Italian New Market Stock Exchange in March 2000. Second-most profitable initial public offering in Italian history was that of e.Biscom. In order to fully fund the expansion of Fastweb’s network across the country, the firm raised 1.6 billion euros and reached a valuation of over 10 billion euros.

In honor of Fastweb’s contribution to telecommunications technology, Scaglia appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine in January 2001. Scaglia was listed as one of the most significant new technology inventors in 2003 by Time Magazine. On a list of fifteen innovation experts who survived the new economy’s boom, he was the only Italian to make an appearance.

Fastweb and e.Biscom announced its merger in 2004. By the end of April 2004, the union was complete. Fastweb’s moniker was adopted by e.Biscom, which then concentrated on developing broadband telecommunications over the Italian landline network.

With over a million clients and €1.26 billion in yearly sales, Fastweb was Italy’s top alternative broadband telecommunications company by 2006. Fastweb was the first business in the world to create an IP-based network, which allows voice, broadband data, and video to all be shared on the same network by routing telephonic conversations through routers as opposed to traditional telephone exchanges. Additionally, it was the first business in the world to create a public network for retail customers utilizing fiber optics. The Swiss telecom company Swisscom made a 5.7 billion Euro acquisition bid for Fastweb on March 12.

Legal Issues

Scaglia was falsely charged with fraud between 2010 and 2013. In the end, he was cleared of all charges brought against him by Rome public prosecutor Giancarlo Capaldo.

Fastweb Investigation – Telecom Italia Sparkle

In the Fastweb-Telecom Italia Sparkle investigation, Scaglia was being looked into as the former CEO of Fastweb for the crime of “conspiracy to commit tax fraud.” The suspected tax evasion offenses were allegedly committed between 2003 and 2006 by a number of paid service providers that made use of the Fastweb and Telecom Italia Sparkle networks.

In response to a request from the anti-mafia public prosecutor’s office, the Rome judge handling preliminary investigations issued a preventative custody order for Scaglia, among others, on February 23, 2010. On February 26, 2010, Scaglia boarded a private airplane from Antigua to Italy after consenting through his attorneys to appear for interrogation.

The trial started on November 23, 2010. Scaglia was released on February 24, 2011, following almost a year in preventive imprisonment, per the decision of the judges of the First Penal Section of the Court of Rome. The same court handed down a ruling on October 17, 2013, clearing Scaglia of all allegations and confirming his “total non-involvement in the incident.”

In line with the 2013 decision of the First Penal Section of the Court of Rome, Silvio Scaglia was found not guilty on September 27, 2017, by Rome’s Court of Appeal. The episode was heavily covered by the national press, which characterized the court case as “unjust” and a procedure that “hurt the national economy.” At the Leopolda summit in Florence on October 27, 2013, the soon-to-be prime minister Matteo Renzi cited Scaglia’s court ordeal as an injustice that should never longer take place.

Private life of Silvio Scaglia

Monica Aschei was the first spouse of Scaglia. He made his divorce plans public in 2017, and it was finalized in 2018. Scaglia’s first marriage produced three grown children. Chiara Scaglia, his eldest child, continues to work in the fashion sector despite having previously had a managerial role at La Perla.

Julia Haart was the spouse of Scaglia. Her last name became his. Early in 2022, Haart began the divorce process. He ranked 937 on Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires as of March 1, 2010.

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