Sherri Papini Husband Files Divorce After Her Hoax Kidnapping Admission

Sherri Papini Husband Files Divorce: Their marriage is on the rocks after Sherri Papini testified in court that she invented a terrifying account of her kidnapping. Following the public unraveling of his wife’s bogus story of being forcibly abducted under national scrutiny, Keith Papini filed for divorce in a California state court on Wednesday.

Sherri Papini, who will be sentenced in July and faces the possibility of jail time and significant penalties, has recently filed for divorce. The Sacramento Bee stated that just two days after Keith Papini’s wife, Jennifer, pled guilty to lying about her kidnapping, he filed for “dissolution with minor children” in Shasta County Superior Court in northern California. The scheduled date of the hearing is May 9.

A nationwide search was launched in November 2016 after Sherri Papini, a mother of two, went missing for three weeks. Papini was discovered twenty-two days later, battered and disheveled on the side of the road, with a chain around her waist and fastened to one arm and other restraints on her other wrist and ankles. Must See Vince Wilfork Divorce: Why Did He Split With His Ex-Wife Bianca Farinas?

Who Is Sherri Papini’s Husband, Keith?

Sherri’s husband’s name is Keith. Papini asked her husband Keith whether he would be home for lunch hours before she disappeared in 2016. He assured them he wasn’t and made it clear he never would be.

On November 2, she was reported missing after she failed to pick up her children from a daycare center. For example, in 2016, Keith told ABC News, “Everybody who knows my wife knows that there’s no reason for her to leave.” In all likelihood, she was seized against her will.

While hunting for his missing wife, Keith came across her cell phone and headphones. Since he passed the FBI’s lie detector exam, he was not considered a suspect. On that year’s Thanksgiving, police located Sherri.

Was Keith Papini Involved In Sherri’s kidnapping Hoax?

Sherri was taken into custody by the law on March 3, 2022, on suspicion that she had staged her kidnapping. Police were looking for the now 39-year-old woman, but she was hiding with an ex-partner 600 miles away from her Orange County home.

The woman said she was abducted and held at gunpoint when she contacted police. She said she was kidnapped and drew pictures of the women she said did it. She had a fractured nose and a “brand” on her right shoulder when she was discovered and tied up.

As NBC reports, police determined that the victim “self-inflicted” their wounds. According to People, Papini has been charged with mail fraud and false statements. There have been no formal charges brought against Keith in connection with the kidnapping as of yet.

Sherri Papini Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison Because Of Her Fake Kidnapping

Sherri Papini disappeared from her Northern California community in November 2016, but she returned in time for Thanksgiving. Papini returned home 22 days after he disappeared, battered, damaged, and emaciated. It was a bad idea to cut her blonde hair so short and unevenly.

She claimed she was abducted by two Latina women who kept her at gunpoint before abruptly deciding to let her go. Due to her own staged kidnapping, Sherri Papini was given an 18-month prison sentence. Papini initially refused to speak with the police because she was confused about what had happened.

However, Keith Papini contacted a federal agent less than a year after his wife’s return. March 2017 was the month. When his wife recalled that the room she was confined to had an orange carpet, she realized it was the key to her release. It was in counseling that she disclosed additional details of her ordeal.

Court documents released during the search for Papini’s kidnappers reveal that her husband disclosed this information to authorities. Almost six years after she disappeared, federal prosecutors said none of that was true. There was talk that Papini had invented the whole incident, down to the description of the cell where she was reportedly confined.

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Despite investigators presenting her with evidence to the contrary, she continued to provide false statements. Papini admitted guilt for mail fraud and lying to federal officials in April. According to a press statement from the Department of Justice, Sherri Papini, a mother from California, was sentenced to 18 months in jail on Monday, September 19. Papini was found guilty of staging her kidnapping in 2016.

After Papini, then 40 years old, acknowledged the scam and pleaded guilty to mail fraud and making false claims in April, Judge William B. Shubb decided she should serve 18 months in prison followed by 36 months of supervised release. In addition, she was ordered to pay around $310,00 in restitution.

Is Sherri Papini Still Married To Her Husband?

Sherri Papini and her husband Keith are still together. The pair that inspired ABC’s 20/20: Missing Mom is going strong. Their neighbors never saw any signs of an argument or fight between them, and from what we saw on the show, their relationship was always strong.

Growing up in Redding, Shasta County, Keith attended Shasta College and earned an A.A. in Criminal Justice. A local Best Buy, where he worked as an audio-video technician when his wife, Sherri Papini, vanished.

Is Sherri Papini Still Married To Her Husband?
Is Sherri Papini Still Married To Her Husband?

Sherri Papini Husband Files Divorce

Online court records show that Sherri Papini’s husband filed for divorce from her on Wednesday. Papini is the California mother who falsely claimed in 2016 that she had been kidnapped while out jogging.

The Sacramento Bee first reported the divorce. The case is listed as a “dissolution with minor children” in the online court records of Shasta County, California, with Keith Papini as the petitioner and Sherri Papini as the respondent. People magazine has obtained a court document in which Keith Papini seeks custody of the couple’s two children.

Papini, 39, pled guilty via Zoom to one count of lying to a federal officer and one count of mail fraud two days before the filing. On July 11, she will be given a sentence. According to the document, Papini “has not been operating in a sensible manner” as of late, which is a reference to her guilty plea.

On Friday, Keith Papini issued a statement received by PEOPLE in which he said, “A loving, safe, and stable home for [the couple’s children] is my priority, and I am certain that the sought orders will help me achieve this goal while also serving the children’s best interests. Nothing I say in court about this case should inflame the issue further or draw unnecessary attention from the media.”

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