Run On Season 2: Has Its Release Date Status Been Confirmed Or Not?

Run On Season 2: The HBO cable network broadcast a TV series starring Merritt Weaver and Domnall Gleeson, with recurrent appearances by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Rich Sommer, Tamara Podemski, and Archie Panii. Ruby Richardson (Weaver) and her college boyfriend Billy Johnson (Gleason) make a pact.

If either of them said the word “RUN” and the other did the same, he said they would drop everything, meet at Grand Central Station, and backpack across the United States. Now, seventeen years later, having learned her lesson, Ruby has abandoned her modest suburban life and fled to New York.

There, Jane and Billy meet up again on a transcontinental train journey. Ruby and Billy start their journey with a lot of tension between them as they try to uncover each other’s secrets. All the information you need to know about the second season of Run On is included in this article, so be sure to read it thoroughly.

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Run On Season 2 Plot

This program has brilliantly conveyed the things we, the audience, value in a film. Seon- gyemon, a former sprinter with aspirations of becoming a sports agent, and Oh Mi- Joo, a movie translation translator, are the protagonists here.

At the end of the first season, Seon gyeom, having finally followed his heart, becomes a sports agent, while Yeong hwa and Dan ah also realize their dreams. We have no idea what will happen in the following episode and must patiently await the premiere of Season 2.

Run on Season 1 Recap

Let’s review Season 1 of Run On before we talk about when Season 2 will premiere. Ki Seon-Gyeom and Oh Mi-love Joo’s story is at the center of Season 1 of Run on. Ki Seon Gyeom used to be a well-known national sprinting champion. He left the game because of a legal dispute.

After he lost his only source of income, he decided to pursue his expertise in sports by becoming a sports agent. Conversely, Oh Mi-Joo writes subtitles for movies, and she also decrypts movies. After seeing her name in the closing credits for the first time, she was ecstatic. As soon as she laid eyes on Ki Seon-Gyeom, she knew they were destined to cross paths.

Seo Dan-A is the chief executive officer of a sports agency, but she is overlooked as a potential successor owing to gender bias. Even though she is the sole child of the agency’s CEO, she has little influence at Seomyung Group.

She fights tooth and nail to reclaim what is rightfully hers. After that, Lee Young-Hwa enters her story. He comes from an artistic family and now studies art in college. What happened when these two groups of people met and fell in love is the focus of the narrative.

Run on Season 2 Cast

Oh Mi-joo, played by Shin Se-kyung, is an orphaned film translator. She has a serious passion for movies and is always searching for some profound meaning to be gleaned from them. Ki Seon- gyeom, an athlete, is portrayed by me, I’m Si-wan. As he was raised in a home where his parents were always busy and his only sibling was never there to play with him, he had very few opportunities to socialize with other people.

Choi Soo-young will portray Seo Dan-ah, the CEO of the Dann Agency, and an extremely busy woman. She comes from a home where emotions are not discussed openly, so she learned to internalize her own. Because of this, she has difficulty expressing herself and is often misunderstood as caustic, arrogant, egocentric, and nasty.

Run on Season 2 Cast
Run on Season 2 Cast

Due to the strict regulations of her family, she had to give up her passion for soccer. In his upcoming role as Lee Yeong- Hwa, Kang Tae- Oh will take the spotlight. Dan- ah’s the ice-cold heart can only be thawed by him. He has a one-of-a-kind eye for art and frequently uses visual mediums to convey his innermost thoughts and feelings.

Famous actors like Park Yeong- Gyu, Lee Jung- ha, Seo Jin-won, Kim Dong-young, and many more are featured in the supporting casts. Kim Seon- ho and Kim Won- hae also make cameo appearances. Given that the cast for Season 2 has not yet been confirmed, we cannot make any definitive statements about it.

Run On Season 2 Release Date Status

Season one premiered on DVD and streaming services on December 16, 2020, and concluded on February 4, 2021. Unfortunately, the producers have not yet confirmed whether or not there will be a second season. If it does, we have no idea when it will be available to the public. The premiere of Season 2 of Run On has not been announced.

Run On Season 2 Ratings

The midweek timeslot of Wednesdays and Thursdays is the strongest deterrent to run-on for television ratings. Over the weekend, JTBC aired their number-one drama to date. The series would need a staggering rating of 28.371% to overtake the current number one drama, The World of Marid. Hi Bye, a TVN drama, needs to beat Mama! to crack the top 50. Which is rated higher than 6.519 per cent.

Run On Season 2 Trailer

We hear you, Run On fans: you want to see season two of the show. We are also quite enthusiastic about the show’s new official trailer and its production company. Run On has decided not to renew for a second season, meaning there will be no new episodes of the show and no new season two trailer.


We sincerely hope that this post was informative and entertaining and that you found out everything you needed to know about Season 2 of Run On. Stay tuned for further developments on Run On Season 2 as they become available, which we will announce here on our website as soon as they become available.

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