Rookie Cops Season 2: Will There Be A Another Season Of The Show?

Lee Ha-na and Kim Byung-Soo helm the South Korean drama Rookie Cops, also known as You and My Police Class and Neowa Naui Gyeongchalsueop. Between January 2022 and March 2022, Star aired a total of sixteen episodes of the show, each of which lasted at least an hour and fifty minutes. Famous actors including Kang Daniel, Lee Shin-Young, Chae Soo-bin, and Park Yoo-Na appeared in it.

It has an 8.3 rating on MyDramaList and draws inspiration from the Romance, Coming of Age, and Drama genres. The show follows a group of promising young police officers as they undergo basic training at the prestigious Korean National Police University.

Wi Seung-Hyun is the leader of his squad of fellow rookies in the police academy. It’s safe to say that he’s got a lot of equity. Ko Eun-Kang is a fellow police academy rookie. Because of a specific person, she decided to enrol in the police academy.

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What Is The Storyline Of Rookie Cops?

The young men and women of the Korean national police university are depicted in the drama “Rookie Cops,” which highlights their intense dedication to their chosen profession. A slice-of-life love drama, “Rookie Cops.” Filmmaker Kim Byung Soo and screenwriter Lee Hana worked together on the project.

There are a total of 16 episodes in Rookie Cops, which was made in a joint effort by Studio NEW and Walt Disney Company Korea. Wi Seung Hyun, a first-year student at the Korean national police university, was portrayed by Kang Daniel. Because he works hard and has a strong moral compass, Seung Hyun achieved first place in his class. Chae Soo Bin played the main female character in the Rookie Cops drama.

It was her job to portray Ko Run Kang. The Korean National Police University also counts Eun Kang among its first-year students. A friend inspired her to apply to college. By a shred of chance, Eun Kang made it through the interview and was accepted to college.

All of the actors worked well together. They were attractive as a couple both in and out of character. The YouTube channel and social media channels for the drama Rookie Cops feature exclusive content from behind the scenes. Rookie Cops opens with a brawl between the two protagonists when Eun Kang’s sister stirs up trouble. Any other details I give would be spoilers.

Rookie Cops Season 2 Cast

Wi Seung-Hyun, played by Kang Daniel, is an ambitious young man who despises dishonour and aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps to the top of the Gyeonggi Dongbu Police Agency. On his second try, Johnny scores higher than everybody else on the school placement exam. Like her character Go Eun-Kang, Chae Soo-canister is bold and fearless.

She is an inciting green bean who joins the police force to chase a solitary love and who, despite being rejected, manages to enrol in the police academy. Gracious Ah-rin portrays an impressionable young version of Go Eun-Kang. Lee Shin-youthful as Kim Tak, a green bean from the lesser public judo crew who exemplifies the spirit and zeal of the young, is accustomed to being apart from everyone else, except Wi Seung-Hyun, who eventually becomes his only actual comrade.

With Choi Yoon-charm as a young Kim Tak. Park Yoo-Na, in the role of Gi Han-na, doesn’t lose a beat when it comes to establishing herself as a frontrunner in her division thanks to her self-assurance, realism, and distinctive prideful appeal. Her tendency toward independence causes tension among students who would benefit from a group dynamic.

Rookie Cops Season 2 Cast
Rookie Cops Season 2 Cast

Park Sung-Joon appears as Yoo Dae-il, an “unadulterated macho” rookie who decided to become a police officer after watching Signal and who, after three tries, passes the placement test with flying colours. Woo Ju-youthful, played by Min Do-hee, is a freshman at a science high school who secretly wants to study criminology.

Seo Bum-Ju, played by Kim Woo-Seok, is a sincere and upstanding rookie who occasionally has excessive worries and anxieties that reveal a tentative side. He is also meticulous with planning and possesses surprising dance ability. Cheon’s Young-character, min’s Shin Ari, an Ulzzang rookie concerned with her outward looks, comes across as gloomy at first, but she turns out to be rather sweet and endearing to her coworkers.

Park Yeon-charm plays Jang Ju-chan, the leader of the underclassmen’s committee and Go Eun-most Kang’s enduring love interest in the play. Role: Jung Soo-canister as Baek Sun-yu, head of the female understudy residence and an active participant in extracurricular activities like the preparation and understudy committee.

Kim Seung-character, ho’s Pyo Hyun-suk, the advertising director at the police foundation, is nice and generous enough to provide food for the kids. Lee Joon-charm plays Um Hyuk, the head of the police academy’s training division and a stern, principled senior officer.

An appearance by Choi In-Sik as Bum-June. Kim Sang-ho stars as Cha Yoo-gon, a savvy teacher of police science who used to be a crazed, fearless police officer before an event altered his outlook. A senior in college, Yi-sook plays Kim Soon-youthful. Bang Hee-sun, an endearing professor of criminal neuroscience, is played by Choi Woo-ri. With Kang Ae-shim cleaning up the quarters.

When Will Rookie Cops Season 2 Release Date Air?

After quickly rising to notoriety after its first few episodes, we’re happy to report that production on the next season will soon resume. A 2023 release date for Season 2 of Rookie Cops is reasonable. Even so, these are just speculations for the time being. Therefore, we need to wait for the official confirmation about the Season 2 release date of Rookie Cops.

Fans of Rookie Cops have been patiently waiting for the second season because of the intriguing cliffhanger that has helped the show gain notoriety. We might get some encouraging information about Season 2 in 2023. The story of Rookie Cops centres on the first-year students at the Korean National Police University (KNPU), which is widely regarded as among the country’s most prestigious and moderate educational institutions.

Young yet talented Wi Seung-Hyun feels pressure to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in the field of honours. Up until he meets Go Eun-Kang, everything is going according to plan. The fantasies love, struggles and wants of the trainees are shown in the youthful examination show.

Rookie Cops Season 2 Trailer Update

There has been no official release of the Season 2 trailer for Rookie Cops. It looks like it will be available for purchase very shortly. Let’s check out the Rookie Cops premiere teaser trailer. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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