Rocket League Season 8: Release Notes And Modification

It’s almost Halloween, but more importantly,  Rocket League Season 8 is kicking off today! We know when Season 8 will be out, how to get a rocket pass, and that the Haunted Hallows event will be back.

All the information you require is listed below..

Rocket Pass Season 8

The inclusion of an actual, real-life racing automobile in the Season 8 Rocket Pass is a first. Rocket League is adding the Honda Civic Type R, and those who have the Premium Rocket Pass will be able to use it right now. The Honda Civic Type R-LE, a more powerful variant, is among the unlockable vehicles in the pass, and it features the Octane hitbox.

This year’s pass, which costs 1,000 Credits, features over 70 tiers of exclusive goodies; the Rocket Pass Bundle, which costs 2,000 Credits, features instant access to 12 more tiers.

Rocket Pass Season 8 Spooky Caverns

Rocket League’s Sovereign Heights arena joins the regular map rotation in Season 8. This venue looks quite modern and like it’s located in the heart of a city.
The return of Haunted Hallows is another highlight of Rocket League Season 8. Who knows what Psyonix has in store for us this year, but we’ve already seen crossovers with Ghostbusters, Batman, and Stranger Things in the past several years.

Rocket Pass Season 8 Release Notes

All of the upcoming content, whether it be free or part of the Rocket Pass, will be detailed in the patch notes. We will also be informed of all the concerns that have been identified and the developers’ plans for addressing them.

If you’re a true Rocket League fan, you should read the patch notes because they are usually highly detailed and full of useful information.

Psyonix’s dedication to keeping in touch with the gaming community is appreciated, since it allows the studio to better meet the needs of its customers.

We will share all of the patch notes with you now that they are available. Rocket League’s official site was scoured for the patch notes.

Rocket League Season 8


Changes to Voice Chat (Toggle Mute) (Toggle Mute)

  1. In response to player requests, the Push to Talk toggle has been replaced with a Voice Input Mode dropdown in Rocket League’s Settings > Chat.
  2. Open Mic: The microphone is active all the time, no control input is needed.
  3. A Call to Action: Assigning a button press to the game’s microphone function.
  4. The microphone is on hold until the mute button is pressed.
  5. The “F” button on the keyboard, “L3” on the PlayStation, and “LS” on the Switch and Xbox are all preconfigured as the Push to Talk/Toggle Mute inputs, respectively.

In the clubs, the sections for the MOTD and the news have been taken down.
We opted to remove these features from Clubs due to moderation concerns
Champions Field now features a banner honouring Team BDS as RLCS World Champions in 2021-22.


  1. The scoreboard’s party icon’s position has been corrected.
  2. We’ve tweaked the placement and proportions of a few Decals on the Nissan Z to make them look more at home on the car.
  3. Updates to Custom Training packs will no longer corrupt pack progress
    Some training packs’ progression indicators may appear to be off in the training pack browser, but will be accurate after the player loads the pack.
  4. The issue where certain players couldn’t enter Voice Channels has been fixed.
  5. When spectating a Private Match, player names will now appear correctly.
    Hot Wheels Fast 4WD and MR11 Team Decals now have a more consistent appearance.
  6. Fixed an issue that caused numerous Paint Finishes to seem darker than intended, including ‘Bling,’ ‘Grassy,’ and ‘Glossy’
  7. It’s the [PlayStation 5] Corrected an issue where Rocket League’s resolution was being incorrectly downgraded when playing in Quality mode on the console.
  8. UI now refreshes properly when controls are changed, and Apex Wheels may now be equipped on the BMW M240i in [Custom Training].
  9. Resolved an issue where players couldn’t cancel matchmaking from the Training Arena pick screen.
  10. When a player is substituted out of a game, they will no longer be visible on the list of those eligible to watch the skip goal replay.

Clearing all friend requests now functions as expected after an issue was fixed that prevented players from viewing their own messages in chat.

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