Robert Hansen’s Wife: Where is Darla Hansen Today?

Robert Hansen, a serial murderer who was married and had two kids, admitted to killing 17 women in Alaska over 12 years. Hansen, a businessman who owned a bakery, loved the outdoors and hunting. According to what he told his wife, he obtained a pilot’s license and a small plane for big game hunting in the Alaskan wilderness.

When he was apprehended in 1984 after an 18-year-old named Cindy Paulson managed to get away before he could get her on the plane, he confessed to having occasionally flown his victims, who were frequently prostitutes, to a cabin in the woods where he would then send them into the woods and track and hunt them. In Paulson’s instance, he took her to his family’s home where he tormented and committed several hours of rape.

He then shackled her to a post and took a nap before telling her he was going to fly her to a cabin and promising not to harm her there. After Paulson’s escape, she admitted to the police that she had the impression that there might be additional occupants in the house. She told Alaska State Trooper Sgt. Glenn Flothe that she had seen women’s clothing, toys, and dogs stumbling around. She did, however, add that it was very quiet in the basement when she was tied there.

Robert Hansen's Wife: Where is Darla Hansen Today?

After Hansen was found guilty of attempting to kidnap a woman at gunpoint, his wife stood by him and brought the kids to visit him in jail.

When Hansen was 21 years old, he had a brief marriage; however, his wife soon filed for divorce the next year after learning that he had been found guilty of setting a bus garage on fire. Darla Marie Henrichsen Hensen, his second wife, whom he wed in 1963, accompanied him when he relocated to Alaska in 1967, where they had two children.

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Anytime her guy had legal run-ins, whether it was being busted for stealing a chainsaw from a hardware shop or making a false insurance claim to earn the cash he needed to start his bakery, Darla stood by him. Leland Hale, the author of a history of Hansen’s life and misdeeds, claims that Hansen was detained and found guilty of attempting to kidnap a young woman from her apartment in south Anchorage while holding her at gunpoint.

Even Bob acknowledged that [Darla]’s visit to him in jail with the kids in tow was extremely embarrassing for her. despite his verbal abuse of her and the kids, she stayed with him. Darla, according to Hale, was a “deeply religious woman” with a master’s in education who tutored kids to make money.

Darla claimed she “knew he was up to no good” when they met after his murder convictions, but Hale claimed she only believed Hansen’s dirty secret was picking up hookers late at night before he opened the bakery. She also believed that if he lived his life more in service to Christianity, he would be resolved. Darla informed Hale that following whatever mischief he had been into, his church stints only lasted for a few weeks.

Hale characterized the union as anything but passionate, with the pair leading rather independent lifestyles that included managing their finances. Darla and the kids would frequently visit her family in Arkansas over the summer, which may be why nobody was home when Hansen abducted Paulson and kept her against her will for several hours before raping her.

Darla divorced Hansen after his conviction and moved to Arkansas with the kids.


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After learning of her husband’s heinous actions, Darla, who had been silent for 20 years, suddenly filed for divorce. He had been given a 461-year prison term. In his account, Hale said, “She told me her neighbours wanted her to stay in Anchorage, but she didn’t see how she could raise her kids there, not now, after all, that had been revealed about their father.”

According to Oxygen, when detectives went through Hansen’s home, they discovered a soundproof room in the basement that was concealed by a wall panel. They also discovered various pieces of jewellery that belonged to Hansen’s victims, as well as the.223 rifle he used to murder some of the victims. The entire time, Hansen’s wife and kids appeared to be entirely unaware in the home.

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The judge in the case reportedly declared, “Before you sits a monster, an extreme aberration of a human who has walked among us,” according to The New York Times. Even his 20-year-old bride was unaware of his dark, nasty side. His crimes leave the mind numb.

Hanson’s children have not been much publicized, but this is not unusual. Children of serial killers typically don’t want to be associated with their parent’s crimes, so they take steps like changing their identities or going into hiding, according to Psychology Today.


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