Robert Brotherton Net Worth: How Did Earn The COO Of Elite World Group?

Robert Brotherton Net Worth: Robert Brotherton is a household figure in the fashion world because of his impeccable taste and leadership skills. His contributions have earned him widespread acclaim and recognition. Even more so, his public profile grew after he was featured in “My Unorthodox Life.”

Fans of Robert, after witnessing him in his natural habitat on the reality show, may well be curious about his career and financial success. We came to do the same thing, after all!

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How Did Robert Brotherton Become To Be So Wealthy?

Robert has always been a multi-talented individual, with passions ranging from the musical to the fashion industries. As a result, he earned a BA in Music Performance and Opera from Syracuse University and a BS in Advertising Management from the S.I. Newhouse School of Communication.

The reality star attended Syracuse University and earned a degree from Crouse College. After that, in September of 2008, he became the Global Public Relations & Corporate Communications Manager for Zac Posen House of Z LLC. To become the Public Relations and Communications Director at ESCADA, Robert departed his executive job at Zac Posen House of Z LLC in April 2013. 

The star of “My Unorthodox Life” remained until August 2015 before making a career change. Thus, he met his future wife, Julia Haart, while working at La Perla in the New York City area as Global Director of Marketing & Public Relations beginning in October 2015. In July 2017, he also assumed the role of CEO of the company.

In the end, Robert moved on from La Perla to take the position of Chief Operations Officer at Elite Model World (EMW) in July of 2018. (COO). He became connected with e1972, the apparel label founded by the modeling agency, during his tenure there. Unfortunately, he was fired from his position in March of 2022.

At the time of this writing, Robert appears to be serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Haart Sphere, a company just founded by Julia Haart. He has also made up his mind to test the waters of the performing arts, where he hopes to put his imaginative skills to good use. This ambitious Broadway star actually debuted on 54 Below in November 2022 with his show “My Unorthodox Christmas Cabaret.”

COO Of Elite World Group

Brotherton is the Chief Operating Officer for Elire World Group (COO). The average annual compensation for a chief operating officer in the United States is anywhere between $26,000 and $710,000. At EWG, he works under the supervision of CEO and CCO Julia Haart.

There are supposedly around 2 billion people throughout the world that follow The Elite World Group on social media. The organization managed the logistics for over 5,000 performers, creators, and artists. Haart, together with her right hand, owns a corporation that played a pivotal role in elevating the fashion and creative industries. 

This year (2019), she became an employee of the firm. Brotherton may be entitled for a large compensation as a direct result of his contributions to the company’s success. Brotherton entered the workforce after completing his education and quickly ascended through the ranks, eventually becoming the CEO of multiple businesses.

Julia Haart’s Assistant

Brotherton is Julia’s assistant at Elite World Group, where Julia is also a co-owner. He was the reality star’s trusted aide. They have worked together on numerous occasions before. Two weeks before the Covid-19 hit, they had created e1972, a company with lofty fashion industry goals for 2021.

Julia has been open about her new business venture, which involves the design of brightly colored shapewear, even on the show. Income-wise, he’s doing well thanks to his time spent with Haart as they explore potential markets for her fashion lines and seek out fresh business opportunities.

My Unorthodox Life Cast

Robert is the breakout star of the Netflix reality show My Unorthodox Life, in which he plays the humorous protagonist. From his co-starring role in a Netflix series, the executive earns a healthy sum per episode.

In this production, Brotherton shared the stage with Batsheva Haart, Ben Weinstein, Yosef Hendler, Miriam Haart, Shlomo Hendler Haart, and Aron Hendler Haart.

On Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 7:00 pm, Brotherton is set to make his debut at 54 Below after playing seasonal and humorous cabaret jubilee, which will undoubtedly bring in additional revenue. His co-star in My Unconventional Christmas Cabaret, Read Sadde, had him down for a cameo.

My Unorthodox Life Cast
My Unorthodox Life Cast

Robert Brotherton Net Worth

Robert has worked tirelessly over the years, and it shows: he has amassed a substantial fortune. We calculate that he made at least $850,000 per year as a result of his senior executive roles at multiple companies spanning more than a decade.

What’s more, he’s an artist, therefore his salary might soon average $60,000 a year, and his value will only increase with time. However, taking into consideration his income and asset investments, we estimate that Robert’s net worth is close to $5.5 million as of this writing.

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