Raquel Leviss Net Worth 2023: How Did She Earn Her Money?

Raquel Leviss is a famous American model, beauty queen, and reality show star. Joining the cast of Vanderpump Rules during its fourth season catapulted her into the public eye. Leviss entered the workforce in California on September 12, 1994, where she began her career as a model and beauty pageant contestant.

There has been a lot of speculation about Raquel Leviss’s wealth due to her growing reputation. Indeed, Leviss may not be as filthy rich as some of her fellow Vanderpump Rules cast members, but she’s still done well. The total Raquel Leviss Net Worth in 2023 expected earnings from her modeling work, beauty pageant victories, reality T.V. appearances, and social media endorsements are rising.

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Raquel Leviss Net Worth 2023

The 30 million dollar net worth that Raquel Leviss enjoys. Leviss’s primary source of income is probably the work she does as a social media influencer and a cast member on Vanderpump Rules. In 2016, she also took home the crown for Miss Sonoma County.

Raquel admits that James Kennedy footed a large portion of the bill during their time together, according to a new Vanderpump Rules sneak peek. Hence, Leviss admitted that she is “terrified” by the prospect of ending her connection with Kennedy. James has been her “crutch” for the past five years, and he has covered “pretty much everything” she has needed.

How Did Raquel Leviss Earn Her Money?

Raquel finished her secondary education and enrolled at Sonoma State University near Rohnert Park, California. She majored in Kinesiology, focusing on Pre-Occupational Therapy when she was there. In 2020, she announced to the world that she intended to continue schooling.

I am still intent on completing my master’s degree in occupational therapy. And it is still the path I hope to take even though I am taking longer than anticipated. So, for the time being, I’m simply going to relax. She said on “The Daily Dish” that she was “living out my L.A. existence until I was ready to go on in that career.”


Raquel has recently come clean about an interest in interior design, which she believes is something not everyone knows about her. As a Server at SUR Restaurant & Lounge on the Bravo series, she was introduced to the public for the first time through the show.

But, the Covid-19 pandemic forced her to abandon the conventional world. But, this setback did not deter the reality T.V. star from pursuing her dreams, and she soon launched a successful solo career. Raquel joined the main cast of “Vanderpump Rules” in the tenth season, despite having been a part of the show since season 5.

She also participates in photoshoots as a model. Along with her costar Lala Kent, she released an eyeshadow palette in 2022 with the catchy name “Bambi-Eyed B—h.” In addition, she has over 453,000 Instagram followers who are always there to back the reality T.V. star in anything she does.

Raquel Leviss Successful Professional Life

Previous experience in beauty pageants for Raquel Leviss. She competed in the Miss California Pageant after being named Miss Sonoma County. While working as a server at SUR Restaurant & Lounge, Leviss was introduced to reality television for the first time on the Bravo series.

However, the COVID-19 outbreak meant that she had to leave her position. Finally, she got her own episode in Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules. Season 10, which aired on February 8, 2023, marked her introduction to the series main cast.

Leviss said in the most recent episode of the Scheananigans podcast that she and ex-boyfriend James Kennedy broke up just before filming the season 9 reunion. Levis explained to podcast host Scheana Shay that she and Kennedy split up because she lost interest in the relationship.

In addition to her role in the Bravo series, Leviss is a well-known model who has appeared in several high-profile picture sessions. In 2022, she and her Vanderpump Rules costar Lala Kent released an eyeshadow palette called Bambi-Eyed B-h.

Raquel Leviss Successful Professional Life
Raquel Leviss Successful Professional Life

Final Lines

The sum of Raquel Leviss’ wealth reflects the time and effort she has put into her several professions. An accomplished businesswoman, Leviss may not be as wealthy as some of her fellow Vanderpump Rules cast members, but she has made a name for herself anyway. The more she appears on the popular reality show and pursues other possibilities, her net worth will rise.

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