Prepare For A Fresh Marvel Perspective From Quentin Tarantino

Prepare For A Fresh Marvel Perspective From Quentin Tarantino: The momentous day Martin Scorsese initially said he wasn’t much into Marvel movies was just three short years ago. But since then, many other acclaimed filmmakers—such as Ridley Scott, Bong Joon-Ho, and Francis Ford Coppola—have declared their membership in this merry gang of super-haters.

The newest member of the anti-Iron Man brigade is Quentin Tarantino. Surprisingly, his latest grievance is not with The Mouse secretly eliminating some of Marvel’s more precise moments from its broadcasts. His complaint is more along the lines of the other major topic in modern cinema, the demise of the movie star.

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You have all these actors who have gotten famous playing these characters, but they’re not movie stars. That’s part of the Marvel-ization of Hollywood. The “2 Bears 1 Cave” podcast interviewed the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood filmmaker (via Variety).

The star is Captain America, he continued. Perhaps the star is Thor. I mean, I’m certainly not the first to say that. That has probably been stated a gazillion times. However, these franchise characters are the ones who gain notoriety. He still likes those muscular men, so don’t worry. 

He claimed that he wasn’t even disparaging Chrises individually. But that is… the result of Hollywood movies becoming Marvelized. Try to conceal your amazement, but the director even went so far as to reveal that he once enjoyed reading comic books. 

He remarked, “There’s a part of me that thinks I would be fucking delighted and love these movies if they came out when I was in my twenties. His “one beef” with them, he remarked, “is that they seem to be the only things that are created.”

They are the only things that, at least for the studio producing them, seem to thrill fans in any way. They are thrilled about that. Therefore, the simple truth is that they perfectly encapsulate this current cinematic era. There isn’t much room left for anything else. That’s my issue.

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