Poodle Revived With Narcan Following Overdose

According to a nearby shelter, a poodle named Toodles in Pennsylvania was revived with Narcan following what appeared to be a heroin overdose. The dog was taken by ambulance to Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital on Monday, the Pennsylvania SPCA said on Facebook. The dog and its owner were both found unconscious and unresponsive in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, according to the SPCA.

According to the SPCA, onlookers hurried the dog to a veterinary hospital while the Philadelphia Police Department arrived at the site to assist the human. After receiving the life-saving opiate reversal medication Narcan, Toodles “immediately became responsive,” the animal shelter reported.

The shelter stated that if Toodles hadn’t been rushed to a veterinarian, “it is impossible to imagine what would have happened.” But Toodles is still alive today because of the swift action of the Good Samaritans and the lifesaving efforts of Blue Pearl.

Poodle Revived With Narcan Following Overdose

Through email, a spokeswoman of the Pennsylvania SPCA informed CNN that it is likely the dog swallowed fentanyl. How the dog took the pills is unknown. Regarding the event and the health of the person discovered with the dog,  contacted the Philadelphia Police Department but did not receive a response right away.

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Later on Monday, according to the Facebook post, Toodles was taken from the hospital to the refuge. He underwent IV therapy and was “closely monitored to make sure the drugs were working their way out of his system.” The fortunate dog has since made a “full recovery,” the shelter stated, since the beginning of the week.

The SPCA continued, “He is pretty much the sweetest pup around.” He’s adored by everyone. But despite everything, it still breaks our hearts for him. Toodles has already received adoption applications, the SPCA said via email, and will hopefully find a forever home soon.

According to the FDA, dogs can overdose on medications just like people can. Even small doses of some narcotics, including fentanyl, can result in an overdose in dogs because they can inhale the substances through their nostrils. Particularly among police canines trained to find such narcotics, the issue has been reported.

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According to a handout from the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association, signs of an opiate overdose in dogs include weakness, inability to breathe, trouble standing, failure to respond to commands, a blank expression, and lethargy. Most canines display symptoms within 15 minutes of opiate exposure, according to the organization.

According to the leaflet, if you think a dog overdosed, you should administer Narcan right away and take it to the vet as soon as you can. According to the group, Narcan has been demonstrated to safely reverse many opiate overdoses in dogs when given by the nose, much like it does in humans.


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