Are Pedro And Chantel Divorce From ”The Family Chantel”?

Popular Fan speculation that Pedro Jimeno, star of The Family Chantel, is unfaithful to Chantel Everett is based on the star’s sharing of photos of himself with other women. After abruptly ending his marriage and demanding a divorce, the 30-year-old reality star quickly rose to prominence as one of the show’s most infamous cast members.

Pedro’s excessively cold behavior toward Chantel, including mistreating and pushing away, was on full display in the most recent season of The Family Chantel. People suspected he was cheating on his wife after they saw him getting too close to his coworkers. Pedro did not make an effort to resolve his marital issues during the show.

On the contrary, he appeared to be excessively preoccupied with his work and rarely socialized with anyone outside of his immediate work group. The public assumed he was hiding something from his wife and wasn’t being completely forthright after he suddenly changed his behavior. Must See Ned And Ariel Divorce

Pedro Jimeno Files For Divorce From Chantel Everett

Pedro reportedly filed for divorce from his wife Chantel on July 7 (as reported by TMZ). Official records show that Pedro filed for divorce on May 27, 2022. Pedro claims that he and Chantel split a month earlier, on April 27th, making the current separation period one full month.

Pedro stated in the papers that he and Chantel’s marriage was “irretrievably broken.” Pedro claimed in his papers that five days after the couple split up, Chantel withdrew $257, 000 from their joint business account. Chantel filed for a restraining order against Pedro after he was accused of domestic violence and adultery, leading to the end of their marriage.

Does Lidia From The Family Chantel Brainwash Pedro & Nicole?

She appears to be trying to exert dominance over her offspring. Some viewers think Lidia is trying to indoctrinate her children by sharing her tragic backstory with them. She admitted that she had two children with a married man she dated. Not once did she make an effort to have an adult conversation with Pedro and Nicole about their father.

Instead, she referred to her child and other children as “mistakes.” Critics allege that she exploits them as human resources. Pedro’s efforts to repair ties with his father and other family members met with hostility from Lidia. Instead, she cautioned him by pointing out his errors.

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People who disagree with Lidia say that she uses Pedro, her son, as a source of income and that she is too dependent on him. Lidia boasted on air about her husband’s wealth once he began making a lot of money, saying, “I’m glad Pedro found work where he’s valued and compensated better.

If Pedro can afford it, he should help me purchase a home in the United States.” Many of Pedro and Nicole’s fans feel sorry for them because their mother is Lidia. Although her history may not be easy, the way she is currently acting towards her children is upsetting to the audience.


Lidia appears to have taken advantage of Pedro’s desire to become an American citizen by marrying him in order to obtain a Green Card for herself. Those who criticize Lidia usually say she only cares about money and not her fans. Most viewers of The Family Chantel view Lidia negatively and do not tolerate her.

Chantel Is Rumored To Be Dating This New Reality TV Star

Pedro And Chantel Before And After
Pedro And Chantel Before And After

After Chantel and Pedro finally broke up completely on August 2, speculation began that she was seeing someone new. Distractify claims that the 31-year-old registered nurse was seen in Atlanta with a new man by fans of the 90 Day Fiancé reality show.

Who is the (supposed) new man in Chantel’s life? Apparently, she was seen with Love & Hip Hop: New York’s Rich Dollaz, according to fans. Since the beginning of the VH1 series, he has been a regular cast member, rising to prominence by Season 9. Rich has guest starred on both the Atlanta and Hollywood editions of Love & Hip Hop. But these rumors remain unverified.

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