Party Down Season 3: All We Need to Know!

The television show Party Down has been off the air for almost 13 years, which indicates that the break between seasons two and three was long enough for Party Down to have catered a bat mitzvah during that time period. The long-awaited comeback of the cult-classic workplace comedy series will finally air on Starz in the following year, and the debut date has been set for the following Friday, February 24.

On Twitter, a teaser trailer was used to advertise the save-the-date for this event. In the trailer, the cast is shown preparing once more while wearing baby-pink bow ties. All of the original cast members, including Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, and Megan Mullally, are shown popping champagne corks, unloading cases of champagne, and showering each other with confetti. Due to the fact that she needed to assist Fleishman with all of his Trouble, original cast member Lizzy Caplan was unable to attend the celebration.

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Before we get to Season 3, there are a lot of questions that we need to answer. How will Soup R’ Crackers continue to operate in a world where Soupplantation no longer exists? How could an actor like Kyle Hansen, who is stuck in the decade of the 2000s, make any progress in the Hollywood of today? Is Roman (Starr) starting to act like an incel? At the very end of the teaser, Scott has a gleam in his eyes that tells it all: “fun” is on the way.

The original series starred a slew of familiar faces from various shows, including Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, Lizzy Caplan, Megan Mullally, and Jennifer Coolidge (yeah, there’s a lot of Veronica Mars crossover). “The cast is so busy these days that finding a window when we can do it may require trigonometry, but we’re determined to make it happen,” said co-executive producer Rob Thomas. And he followed through on his commitment.

The main cast — Scott, Marino, Lynch, Starr, Hansen, and Mullally — stated in November that they will reprise their roles in the reboot, with the exception of Caplan, who is unable to join owing to schedule problems with the Fatal Attraction TV series on Paramount+.

However, there will be some highly renowned new faces in the cast. Jennifer Garner and James Marsden, as well as Tyrel Jackson Williams and Zo Chao, were announced to join the show in January 2022. Garner will play Evie, a successful movie producer who is rethinking her life choices following a shocking split, while Marsden will appear in a recurring role as Jack Botty, the star actor of a Hollywood superhero franchise.

Party Down Season 3

Williams will play Sackson, an internet influencer who understands everything but life. Chao joins the cast as Lucky, a food artist aspiring to be a professional chef. When the comeback was announced in 2021, the stars teased their appearances on Twitter. Lynch announced her return (“We’re coming back”), while Scott affirmed the rebirth (“We shall have fun yet”). Marino and Mullally both tweeted about the news, with the Will & Grace actress commenting, “It’s happening gig.”

During a 2019 reunion at Vulture Festival to commemorate the series’ 10-year anniversary, the actors stated that they would be willing to reprise their roles again. “With this gang, I’d do anything,” Mullally added. “I mean, this is the nicest, funniest, greatest group of people I’ve ever worked with. It’s a fantastic group.”

What Is the Story Behind The Party Down Season 3 Reboot?

The revival’s executive producers are Thomas, John Enbom, Paul Rudd, and Dan Etheridge, with Enbom also serving as showrunner. Producers are being tight-lipped about the new series plot. However, Starz teased a brief synopsis of the forthcoming season:

Most of the Party Down catering team has moved on 10 years later, including actor/bartender Henry Pollard (Adam Scott, “Severance,” “Parks and Recreation”). Following a surprising reunion, the gang is once again stoically enduring a parade of weird parties and oddball visitors all across Los Angeles.

The original series portrayed a Los Angeles catering team comprised of young actors working for tips while hoping for major breaks. Each episode centered on them organizing a fresh soiree to please high-profile clientele while their lives became increasingly entwined – and messy.

Revival Of How To Watch The Party Down Season 3

The reboot of Party Down will premiere on Starz on Friday, February 24. With the third season only a few weeks away, catching up on the first two seasons is easier than you think. Party Down is now available to Starz members. Users of Amazon Prime Video can view the series if they sign up for a Starz subscription.

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