North West Net Worth: How North West’s Parents Invested Her Trust Fund?

Being a minor, North West has a trust set up to protect her property and money. When North West was born, her parents established a trust for her for future financial dealings. North West is entitled to receive all of the trust’s assets once she turns 24, as stated in the trust’s governing documents.

North West Net Worth

The rapper North West is worth an estimated $375 million. A trust manages most of her assets since North West is still a kid. Kim and Kanye set up a trust for their daughter, North West, to handle all her financial matters when she was born.

At the tender age of seven, North was already a multi-millionaire and one of the wealthiest children in the United States. North’s cousin, True Thompson, is also one of the wealthiest kids in the United States. According to Entrepreneur, she is already worth $10 million at age four. Kim Kardashian’s sister, Khloe, and NBA player Tristan Thompson have a daughter named True.

How North West’s Parents Invested Her Trust Fund?

How North West's Parents Invested Her Trust Fund

North West’s trust fund includes over 14 homes in her name, $5 million in Bitcoins, and six superyachts. More than $65 million in cash is safely stashed away in a bank account under North West’s name, thanks to her wealthy parents.

North West will not sit on the trust fund funds. A wealth management firm will handle the situation by investing the money. The state of North West invests its money in Treasury bonds and the stock market. Roughly $30 million is held in bonds, and $22 million is spread across various stock market investments.

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