Nikki Reed Husband: Is She Still With Ian Somerhalder?

For her role as vampire Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga, American actress Nicole Houston Reed (born May 17, 1988) is well known (2008–2012). In 2003, she came to prominence following the release of the Catherine Hardwicke-directed film Thirteen, in which she played the lead part and was credited alongside Hardwicke as a co-writer of the screenplay. Reed won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance for her work in this film, and she also received several other nominations.

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Early Life

Nicole Houston Reed is the daughter of Cheryl Houston (a beautician) and Seth Reed (a production designer) of West Los Angeles, California. There is her older brother, Nathan August Reed, and her younger half-brother, Joey Reed. Her father is Jewish and her mother is a Christian of partial Italian origin.

Reed was brought up without any religious influence and now considers himself Jewish. Her brother’s Bar Mitzvah exposed her to Jewish traditions at a young age. In several interviews, Reed has described her upbringing as “difficult.” Reed’s parents got a divorce when she was two, and her mom took her in and raised her.

She left home at the age of 14 and has been living independently since, primarily in Los Angeles area residences. Reed enrolled at Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles again after the success of Thirteen, but he left again after only a year.

Parents “who were sneaking into the school at lunchtime to confront and harass her about the film,” she explained, were the impetus for her departure. She was homeschooled and graduated from high school.

Personal life

On the red carpet of the March 2011 premiere of Red Riding Hood, Reed met Paul McDonald, a singer-songwriter and former American Idol contestant. As part of a segment showing the candidates at the premiere, this scene was shown on an episode of American Idol.

A few times after they started dating, the pair decided to live together. They announced their engagement in June of 2011 and tied the knot in Malibu, California, on October 16 of the same year. While citing “job demands,” Reed and McDonald stated publicly in March 2014 that they had ended their relationship and were living separately.

Reed initially filed for divorce in May 2014, and on January 2, 2015, the court granted his request. About halfway through 2014, Reed started dating actor Ian Somerhalder. The couple announced their engagement in February of 2015 and tied the knot on April 26 of that year in Malibu, California.

Reed and her partner made the happy news public on May 4, 2017, sharing the news of their first pregnancy on Instagram. On July 25, 2017, they became parents to a girl, Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder. Jackson Rathbone, Reed’s co-star in “Twilight,” is a personal buddy, and Alexa Vega, an actress who appeared in “Spy Kids,” was the matron of honour at Reed’s first wedding.

Are Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Still Together?
Are Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Still Together?

Nikki Reed Husband: Are Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Still Together?

Neither Ian nor Nikki has addressed the reports of their impending divorce, so they must still be together. They are also Instagram followers of each other. Many TikTok users have speculated that the pair has split for various reasons, and the rumours have gained momentum as a result.

Although Ian isn’t usually seen sporting his wedding band, he does in the 2020 October content we’ve seen so far. Furthermore, Nikki has been seen in her latest Instagram posts sporting a wedding band.

Some people say that Nikki has deleted the word “wife” from her Instagram bio. The word “wife” is no longer included in her bio, but whether or not it ever did is unknown. The fact that Nikki does not follow her husband on Twitter is also rumoured to be a factor. Though it’s unknown if she ever did so before, she now follows the Ian Somerhalder Foundation’s Twitter feed.

Several Twitter users have speculated that Ian has been watching “Delena” (the relationship between his character, Damon, and Nina Dobrev’s character, Elena Gilbert) footage from The Vampire Diaries’ Instagram stories. This is also unprovable.

Ian last blogged about Nikki in May of 2020, while Nikki last posted a photo of her husband in August of the same year. The couple hasn’t uploaded anything jointly, but they have been quite engaged in each other’s feeds with comments.

On October 12th, Nikki posted a snapshot of herself online cuddling a pair of adorable puppies. In light of this, Ian remarked, “Yes, honey, we should have kept all five. I now feel remorse. Because who needs to rest or have a tidy house?”

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