The Nick Chubb Injury Update: A Crushing Blow to the Browns

The Cleveland Browns appear to have lost the core of their offense when on Monday night, the running back Nick Chubb suffered a severe left knee injury while playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. We have all the information we can about the injury to Chubb, including the most recent reports as well as the latest news by Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski.

The Nick Chubb Injury Update

Chubb was injured after he threw his body into an attempt to rush in the 2nd quarter of the game tonight. The ABC broadcast did not show a replay of Chubb’s injuries, but you can watch it in the video below.

A slow-motion video replay of Chubb’s injury is available here (warning this: it’s graphic).

Chubb initially tried to stand up, but he discovered he was unable to. Then, Cleveland brought out a cart to lift him off the field and then transport Chubb back to his locker.

The Browns immediately announced that Chubb was out for the rest of the game due to an injury to his knee.

Jordan Schultz of The Score later stated that Cleveland believes that Chubb’s season may be ended. Cleveland believes that Chubb could be suffering from a knee dislocation and possibly damage to several ligaments.

Following the game, Kevin Stefanski said Chubb suffered an “significant knee problem” and that he expects the running back’s star will be out for the rest this season.

Chubb injured the same knee in 2015 when he was attending his University of Georgia, suffering an injury and dislocation, as well as tearing his MCL PCL, as well as LCL.

However long the player is out for, Chubb represents a massive loss to Cleveland’s offensive. He’s the most pure running back of the NFL and has racked up at the least 1,000 yards of rushing and eight touchdowns over the last four seasons, earning an Pro Bowl appearance in every season.

Jerome Ford is Chubb’s direct backup, and the summer trade acquisition Pierre Strong Jr. is also on the Browns roster. Cleveland has one additional running back2023’s undrafted Free agent Hassan Hall — on the practice team.

In the event that Browns would like to add the services of a free agent following Chubb’s injury Leonard Fournette, Kareem Hunt and others are on the market. Hunt obviously played the entire season in Cleveland. If the Browns would like to swap players, Los Angeles Rams RB Cam Akers remains on the trading block.

Chubb has become the 2nd Brown who suffered a major accident this year. Right-handed linebacker Jack Conklin suffered a torn ACL during the team’s season-opening victory against Cincinnati Bengals. Cincinnati Bengals.

Jerome Ford’s Fantasy Value Soars in Nick Chubb’s Absence

Jerome Ford's Fantasy Value Soars in Nick Chubb's Absence

A sprain on Nick Chubb immediately gives Jerome Ford a massive boost in fantasy value during the game tonight. Chubb was in the process of an impressive fantasy performance prior to his injury and he racked up 64 yards of rushing with 10 plays.

When Chubb was out of the game Ford immediately hit pay dirt after a three-yard touchdown catch. Ford is now in the RB2 discussion, in the event that Chubb is not able to play.

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