Are Nick and LC Still Together? Season 1 Update: Perfect Pairing

Netflix has treated lovers of reality dating shows with the brand-new Perfect Match, which sees some of the streaming service’s prior reality series descend on a luxury villa in Panama in quest of their ‘ideal match.’

Following the conclusion of the series, viewers are curious about the whereabouts of the Perfect Match cast and whether the show’s most successful couples, such as Joey and Kariselle and Georgia and Dom, are still together. If you’re curious if Nick and LC are still dating, we researched to find out all the details.

Nick and LC: Still dating?

Unlike many other Perfect Match couples, Nick and LC haven’t officially declared their relationship since the show’s airing. The fact that they didn’t think they were a “perfect match” makes it appear unlikely that they are still together.

Are Nick and LC Still Together? Season 1 Update: Perfect Pairing

At the very end of the program, they made love, and LC said: “I believe that saying, “Perfect match!” would be quite absurd. I’ve found him! While we’re here, I won’t say anything until I truly believe it, and I won’t say anything merely to be polite.”

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Furthermore, Nick “While discussing it, we can’t say we are a perfect match. It would be absurd in my opinion.” Yet, it appears that they are still on good terms because despite continuing to follow one another on Instagram, they don’t frequently like or comment on one another’s posts.

Where are they now? is a Netflix original series. Nick and LC were absent from a YouTube film that revealed the current relationship statuses of three of the final couples after the last episodes of Perfect Match aired.

What occurred between Nick and LC on Perfect Match?

LC was the final person to enter the villa. Thus Nick and LC only dated after Perfect Match, but they clicked immediately. At the beginning of Perfect Match, Nick had dated several contestants, including Savannah Palacio of The Circle, Izzy Fairthorne of Too Hot To Handle, Ines Tazi of The Circle: France, and Abbey Humphreys of Twentysomethings. But Nick ended the show with LC, and the two made it to the finale.

Even though there was a spark between them on their date—where Nick admitted to having noticed her on Instagram and wanting to get to know LC better—they had to deal with the challenges of having little time left on the show to get to know one another and a long-distance relationship once they left, with Nick residing in Austin and LC in Atlanta. One of the five couples in The Perfect Match’s first season finale was Nick and LC.

Nick and LC are currently where?

While Nick returned to his house in Austin, LC was back in Atlanta. Lauren appears to be continuing her voiceover acting career based on their social media accounts, and Nick has disclosed he has his coffee blend with Dangerously Caffeinated.

You know which celebrities are still together. Here we see some news about them which is given below:

As some images of the two surfaced on Nick’s Instagram during the summer of 2022, there has been some conjecture since Nick’s stint on Perfect Match that he had dated fellow candidate Abbey Humphreys.

The fact that they both reside in Austin makes it plausible, but it’s also possible that they are just pals. While neither party has confirmed the relationship, Nick was recently linked to Katie Thurston, a past contestant on The Bachelor. It appears that the two even spent New Year’s Night together.


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