Nick And Danielle Love Is Blind Still Together In Season 2?

The couples from Season 2 of “Love Is Blind” ended their relationships after the season finale aired in February. One of the two couples who got married at the end of Season 2—Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson—is now divorcing. Records obtained by TODAY show that on August 15th, Ruhl petitioned the Cook County court to dissolve her marriage to Thompson.

Thompson and Ruhl became the first couple to get engaged in Season 2 of the popular Netflix reality show without seeing each other’s faces. Along the way, they encountered challenges and questioned whether their disparate ways of life would be incompatible. They argued before their wedding, and then the episode finished with them at the altar.

The two finally tied the knot and raved over each other at the March season two reunion. At the get-together, Thompson voiced concern that Ruhl had damaged her furnishings by dancing about in costume. After moving in with Ruhl, Thompson supposedly had a change of heart, according to Ruhl’s comments to hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

Danielle and Nick’s Love Is Blind Journey

When 28-year-old Danielle and 35-year-old Nick started chatting in the pods, they immediately sensed a profound connection that neither could deny. They instantly found common ground and dove deeper, sharing their stories of growing up in unstable homes, their hopes for the future, and their deepest fears.

Even though Danielle and Nick had differences in lifestyle, communication style, and doubt-filled hesitancy, they always managed to work it out during their courtship. Eventually, they became engaged within days, literally at the end of episode 1, to become the first official couple of this super cozy second installment.

Though they fought fiercely the night before their wedding, the couple ultimately resolved their differences and exchanged vows. By the time the reunion show aired, they had begun going to therapy together to deal with their everyday problems.

They had made the necessary modifications to prioritize one another’s needs. After the Altar was a three-part special, and the couple seemed wonderfully compatible throughout, it seemed clear that their effort-based approach had helped them a great deal. Indeed not a shock.

Who Is Nick from Love Is Blind Season 2?

Nick, a Chicago native, is 36 years old and a vice president of product marketing. Nick can be found on Instagram at @nthompson513. “Humanist. S2 of Love Is Blind. Product promotion and brand management. Caffeine-free coffee is brewed and served cold. Bulls, bears. There are no genetically modified ingredients.

\His Instagram bio states, “Be Important.” Nick’s Instagram post of a Love Is Blind season 2 headshot and the caption “I’m sort of a clean freak” came after he was revealed as a series regular. He wrote this as the post’s caption: “It’s been quite an adventure trying to find love, usually in all the wrong places.

Finally, I’m thrilled to ask you all to join me on my quest to discover whether or not love is blind in the second season of @loveisblindnetflix, premiering on Netflix on February 11! Nick’s LinkedIn profile states that he has been the vice president of product marketing at Mediafly since August of 2021.

Danielle and Nick’s Love Is Blind Journey
Danielle and Nick’s Love Is Blind Journey

Before it, he spent two years employed by Tacton. He began in product marketing management and worked his way up to vice president of product marketing and vice president of marketing. Previously, he worked at CDW and PCNation, now the senior band marketing manager at Zoro US.

In 2010, he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Full Sail University. At Harper College, where he served as the Harbinger’s editor-in-chief, he earned an A.A. in business administration and management in 2008.

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Are Nick Thompson And Danielle Ruhl Still Together After ‘Love Is Blind’?

Season 2 of Love Is Blind followed Nick and Danielle as they first “met” (through the wall), fell in love, got engaged, and finally met each other in person. This couple met at a costume party and hit it off because they both grew up with divorced parents and had a passion for dancing on tables and pursuing a happy marriage.

These two got married in front of their loved ones in the Season 2 finale and were still very much in love in February of 2022 when the reunion was taped.

Danielle said during the reunion that she and Nick were doing well, that they hadn’t clashed as much since they stopped filming their lives, and that Nick had given her his great-wedding grandmother’s band for Christmas.

Court filings (obtained by People) indicated the couple had divorced roughly a year after taping the reunion. Nick and Danielle’s breakup reasons remain unknown. Before they chose to split up, they shot the Netflix special Love Is Blind: After the Altar, which will be released on September 16.

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