Netflix’s Wish Dragon: Trailer, Release Date Status, and Everything You Need to Know

Sony Pictures is back with its new animation movie Netflix’s Wish Dragon. If you love the movies like Aladdin, then you can’t take a chance to miss this eye-opening movie, which has a fantasy similar to the genie-in-a-bottle premise. 

It is an internationally licensed American-Chinese Netflix Original animated adventure created by Chris Appelhans. Credit for the movie goes to the animation studio Base Animation. This studio already had outlined its goal to “make world-class animation in China for China… and the world.”

Now let me warn you that further reading can stress your dopamine to watch this Wonderful work of the movie. SO, let’s continue-

The movie features a vivid and humorous dragon able to grant wishes to whoever finds the jade teapot he calls home. Din is a hard-working college student who has some big dreams but doesn’t have the resources to meet his fantasy world( created in his mind ). One night, Somehow, he accidentally unbridles Long, the Dragon. Now, Din gains an opportunity to fulfill his long-life dream: To reunite with his childhood best friend Lina, who now lives as a model and actress in Shanghai. fantasy

The story continues by making us laugh and giving some breathtaking shots. I would love to know your views about this fantabulous movie after you watch it.

Netflix's Wish Dragon

Netflix’s Wish Dragon Release Date

The creators were ready to release this incredible animation on July 26, 2019, but due to the COVID 19 pandemic, they extended the dates to 2020. 

Seeing the terrible situation of COVID didn’t allow the makers to do so, and there was again a Necessitation to further increase the dates.

The film was in theatres in China on January 15, 2021.

After a long wait, Wish Dragon has finally landed on Netflix

Netflix’s Wish Dragon Trailer

The glimpse of the movie trailer is sufficient in itself to make you fall in love. It will excite you to know more about the life and struggles of Din’s faces, who turn his dreams into reality.

Final Verdict

As the movie has previously been out for various months in China, we can conclude the reviews. Wish Dragon does offer an added modern take on the Chinese parable. The film also embodies Japanese culture splendidly. This movie can also give some life lessons to kids as it magnificently gives the message of being true to yourself and being who you really are.

The animation of the movie is also beyond GORGEOUS. The colors are vibrant and give you a vivid picture of this wonderland. 

It has got a decent rating of 7.2 out of 10 on IMDB. 

Overall, Wish Dragon is a fictional and adventurous world which you can watch with your entire family. You will giggle a lot while watching it.

I hope you find this helpful. Will you be watching this movie? Let me know in the comment box.


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