Netflix Is Reportedly Working On a Pokémon Live-Action Series

Pokemon, created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995, is the most famous Japanese Franchise, and these days, there have been many rumors that Netflix is reportedly working on a Pokémon Live-Action Series. How credible are these rumors? Let’s break it down for you!

Netflix has produced many live-action full-fledged shows, and many of them proved to be quite successful. You must have heard about “Fate: The Winx Saga.” Similarly, get ready for another exciting show about your favorite childhood cartoon, Pokemon! But now the question arises when Pokémon Live-Action Series is going to premiere? And most importantly, who will star in it?

The entire Pokemon franchise can be termed a very successful empire consisting of multiple films, TV shows, video games, and cards. Prepare yourself for another expansion in this empire, which will be written and co-produced by Joe Henderson, who has written many other prestigious shows like “Lucifer” and “White Collar.” So we can confidently say that Pokemon’s fate is in safe hands!

Netflix and Henderson both remain very tightlipped about the details of the upcoming project. Hence we don’t have much information about it, but whatever credibility we could gather is summed up below.

So, if you wish to be updated on the Pokémon Live-Action Series, continue reading the article!

Pokémon Live-Action Series Release Date

The project is still in its early production days, so there is no specific release date for the show. Unlike other animated series, this is a live-action adaptation. Naturally, its post-production phase will take longer than usual.

Because certain visuals will have to be enhanced, and it is a very hectic task that can take up to months.

Considering all this, expect the Pokemon Live-Action Series to come out in late 2022 or early 2023. The project can premiere earlier than our predicted release date and even later than it. Why? Because these are our assumptions, at the end of the day, all the details lie within the hands of Netflix and showrunners.

Pokémon Live-Action Series
Tim (Justice Smith), a talking Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds), and a hard-nosed intern journalist (Kathryn Newton) team up to find Tim’s missing father in Pokémon Detective Pikachu. </em

Who Will Star in the Pokémon Live-Action Series?

In 2019, Netflix produced a “Detective Pikachu,” and the movie was successful in both theatres and the streaming site. As we don’t have an official lineup for the show yet, it will be safe to assume that Netflix might reunite the same cast members for this live-action adaptation.

In that case, expect Justice Smith (as Tim) and Kathryn Newton (as Lucy). Now, what about Ryan Reynolds?

He is a very busy actor, so it will be better not to expect him to feature in the film. But as it is a voice-over role, he might star in the series. But these are our assumptions. Maybe Henderson has planned things completely differently.

So it is better not to get ahead of ourselves and wait for Netflix to make official announcements!

The Plot

Unfortunately, we have no idea of what the series will unfold. But one thing is sure: we’ll get to see our favorite Pikachu in the main role.

The rest of the episodes will center around his adventures while he tries to explore different things. As there has never been a character’s live-action before, Netflix will surely put forward something exceptional!

The Pokemon Universe is one of the most developed fictional worlds! So there is a possibility that Netflix might introduce some new characters from the wide range of Pokemons. And this can’t be covered in one season, so there are high chances of the series getting multiple seasons!

So is this live-action a beginning of a new era? Guess we’ll find out when the series premiers!

Is There Any Trailer for the Pokémon Live-Action Series?

No, there is no footage of the live-action series yet. But as soon as there will be, we’ll update you at the earliest.

Netflix is home to many other Pokemon shows, so if you are looking for some Pokemon content, here are some suggestions: Pokémon: Indigo League and Pokémon Journeys! Both of these are great shows, which you can stream on Netflix anytime.

The streaming site is also producing a lot of content in the anime genre. So, if you are a manga-lover, you should check out the diverse section in the Netflix library. One such latest anime is Hunter X Hunter.

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