Neo Yokio Season 3: Is It Renewed On The Netflix?

Neo Yokio Japanese-American animated comedy is aimed at teenagers, but it has a lot of humour and drama that might not be appropriate for younger viewers. The two seasons of the show have been on the air for a long time, and now the audience is eagerly anticipating the next third season. The article has everything about the Neo Yokio Season 3.

The show had a mixed reception from viewers; while some are eagerly anticipating the renewal for a third season, others aren’t interested in seeing another episode. Jayden Smith portrays Kazz Kaan, the protagonist of the dramatised drama based in New York City with the inclusion of magicians called magistrates and demon-slaying, which is modelled on the city’s elite class.

According to our sources, the show will be renewed for a second season in the middle of September 2022, which we are eagerly awaiting. We’ll keep our readers informed if there’s any new information on whether or not the show will be renewed.

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Neo Yokio Season 2 Recap

This season’s protagonist Kazz is a member of the magistrate’s society, which means he and his butler Charles are on a mission to defeat some demons in the Neo-Yokoo elite society, where he recently broke up with his lover. While trying to move on with his life, our dejected protagonist has opted to spend more time with Lexy and Gottlieb, two of his best pals.

Arcangelo, a rich magistrate’s son who is constantly plotting diabolical schemes to overtake Kazz as the city’s most eligible bachelor, also rises to prominence as a result of this unhappy date. Kazz is forced to teach a trio of wayward kids from his old school, elegance, throughout the first season.

We see a lot of fighting between our protagonist and Grand Prix at the end of the series, and Kazz learns more about Charles’ character. It is revealed that our protagonist, Jazz, is once again forced to participate in a secret Santa tournament, something he is not excited about. Arcangelo, Kazz’s archenemy, is busy devising schemes against him as he battles a big Christmas tree and saves the city. Let’s move on and see what happens next in Neo Yokio Season 3 Plot?

Neo Yokio Season 3 Plot

Neo Yokio is a modern-day parallel timeline of New York where Magicians protected the city from demons in the 19th century, becoming “Magistocrats” Kaz Kaan (Jaden Smith), a vain and affluent Magistocrat, and his mecha butler Charles (Jude Law) balance a shallow and hedonistic life as a fashionista in the city with demon-hunting duties directed by his strict Aunt Agatha (Susan Sarandon).

Kaz is self-pitying and “melancholy” following his breakup with investment banker Cathy (Alexa Chung) and wants to live in luxury with Lexy (The Kid Mero) and Gottlieb (Desus Nice). Arcangelo (Jason Schwartzman), an old-money scion, belittles Kaz’s “Neo riche” status. The two compete for the top spot on the Bachelor’s List, a public billboard displaying Neo Yokio’s most eligible bachelors.

Helena St. Tessero (Tavi Gevinson) re-meets Kaz after he exorcises a possessed Chanel suit in the first episode. The possession disillusions Helena with Neo Yokio and the capitalist system, forcing her to become a hikikomori, an anti-capitalist critic and contrasts with Kaz’s fixation on fashion and social status.

Neo Yokio Season 3 Cast

Neo Yokio Season 3 Cast: Who are some other well-known people who work behind the scenes? Here is a picture guide to all of Neo Yokio’s most important people.

Neo Yokio Season 3 Cast
Neo Yokio Season 3 Cast
  • Kaz Kaan, played by Jaden Smith
  • Charles, played by Jude Law
  • Helena, played by Tavi Gevinson
  • Arcangelo, played by Jason Schwartzman
  • Aunt Agatha, played by Susan Sarandon

Neo Yokio Season 3 Release Date

We haven’t heard anything about whether or not the show will be back, so we don’t have a trailer for the third season. If you haven’t seen the semi-anime series yet, you can still enjoy A With the first season, which started in 2017 and had six episodes, we got a Christmas special in December 2018, which was almost a year later.

The one-hour Christmas episode can be thought of as the second season. As we move toward the third season, we haven’t heard much from the show’s creators, but our sources say that the show will be renewed for a third season. In an interview in 2018, the show’s creators also said that the show is not over, which gives us hope for another season of Neo Yokio.

According to our sources, the third season will also have a total of 6 episodes, just like the first season, and the release date is expected to be September 16, 2022. Since Netflix puts out the trailer for the show about a month before its renewal, we can expect to hear any other news about it in July or August. The new episodes are also expected to be about 22 minutes long, just like the previous season, which you can watch on Netflix.

Neo Yokio Season 3 Trailer

Neo Yokio Season 3 Trailer has not been released because we haven’t received any information on the show’s future. Netflix has the previous season of this semi-anime series if you haven’t watched it before. It’s available for viewing.

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