Neil Patrick Harris’ Comments About Nick

After remarks he made about Nick Jonas when he was a teenager reappeared online, actor and television personality Neil Patrick Harris is receiving criticism from fans. Harris once revealed indecent statements about having a crush on the musician, who is still in his adolescent years.

Neil Patrick Harris’ Comments About Nick

The How I Met Your Mother actor and former guest judge on America’s Got Talent is facing backlash online for remarks made in 2014. According to reports, when Harris remarked Jonas, who was 22 at the time, was 42 years old.

At the time, the host Wendy Williams passed the remarks he made off as light humour, so no one took them seriously. In the “hot seat” phase of the program, Harris was questioned about his “celebrity infatuation.” Harris hesitated for a second before lifting his eyebrows and responding, “Nick Jonas.” Jonas’s age was completely disregarded at the moment.

Harris said that the man “was incredibly good-looking before it was kind of permitted to think he was good-looking.” Which was a little difficult because you had to wait till he was, say, 19, 20, and then you were confused about what was going on.

After being shared on TikTok, the interview clip recently reappeared online. The actor’s foul language in the clip incited the ire of the viewers, who complained about it. While several fans openly referred to Harris as filthy, one fan claimed that he has always been problematic.

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