Mythical Creatures of Game of Thrones That Aren’t Dragons or Unicorns

If you ask me to pick one favorite show from the fantasy genre, which one will it be? Well, without blinking my eyes, I’ll say, Game of Thrones. It has everything you expect from a quality show, but most of us don’t discuss mythical creatures of Game of Thrones that much. 

The TV show has become one of the most viewed and discussed TV shows of this decade. Game of Thrones can be called a refreshing splash of entertainment in an otherwise dull fantasy genre. 

When it comes to movies, the fantasy genre has always churned out quality projects like Narnia, The Lord of The Rings, and the Harry Potter movie series. However, it’s the first time we see a fantasy TV show with a massive budget of $1.5 billion.

If you watch the show from start to end, you will realize why so much cash is poured into this ambitious project. Game of Thrones isn’t your regular fantasy show with wizards and magical wands.

It’s so expansive that calling it a mere medieval fantasy show would be an injustice. The show has everything to offer. A feast for the viewer, if you may call it. 

It has magic, politics, battles, murders, deaths, violence, beautiful women having sex, romance, friendship, rivalry, betrayal, ice zombies, dragons breathing fire, and much more. However, let’s talk about the mythical creatures of Game of Thrones. Although this is a central attraction of the show, it isn’t discussed anywhere that much. 

The Mythical Creatures of Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones has many things that can be considered ‘mythical’ or ‘magical.’ However, we are focusing on the core mythical creatures of Game of Thrones. In this list, we will show you the animals that have played an essential role in developing the story.

Some creatures exist in books, and some have been adapted in the show. We are going to talk about the ones that made an appearance on the screen. 

White Walkers

Mythical Creatures of Game of Thrones

The White Walkers are the core attraction of the Game of Thrones. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that White Walkers have shaped and changed the entire story of the GoT. The most basic information about these human-like creatures is that they were considered a figment of ‘folklore’ even within the show by most people. 

However, everything starts to change when the army of White Walkers starts to cross The Wall and march towards Westeros. Nobody knows what the plan of these ice zombies is. The only thing we do know is, they must be stopped and destroyed at all costs. 


Mythical Creatures of Game of Thrones

The second mythical creature on this list is Direwolf. Just like White Walkers, these animals were considered to be living north of The Wall. However, during one episode, the House of Stark’s kids found a group of Direwolf puppies. Without surprise, each kid takes one puppy with them.

Direwolves are wolves but bigger, fiercer, and smarter than regular wolves. They are emotionally attached to their owner. They are highly protective of the owner. The bond with the owner is why they obey the owner’s commands, which we have seen during various episodes. 


Mythical Creatures of Game of Thrones

Originally, Manticores are supposed to be a part of Persian folklore, but we see them in Game of Thrones. However, the Manticores from Game of Thrones are nowhere similar to the Persian folklore creatures. 

In the show, Manticores are small spiders or scorpions like incredibly poisonous creatures. A Manticore’s venom is deadly enough to kill a human within a few moments. We get to see one in action during an episode where one Warlock tries to attack Danaerys.

Luckily though, she narrowly survives it without succumbing to the poison. However, she is completely shaken by the experience. It tells you how dangerous these little guys are. 


Mythical Creatures of Game of Thrones

Okay, you are not the only one to get confused between the White Walkers and Wights. Well, to put it merely, Wights are slaves of White Walkers. Yes, that’s right. Wights are not original White Walkers, and they are dead people or victims of White Walkers who they have resurrected to recruit in their undead army. 

Only a White Walker possesses the power to turn anyone into Wight. These Wights are allergic to fire, and they are easier to kill than a White Walker. However, standard weapons aren’t enough to stop these stubborn creatures. They can manage to crawl even after you chop off their limbs. 


Mythical Creatures of Game of Thrones That Aren't Dragons or Unicorns

Okay, okay! We know Wargs aren’t technically ‘Creatures,’ but they possess the abilities no mere human can imagine. Wargs have magical powers to take control of any desired living creature.

The most iconic Warg that we know is Bran Stark. We see him going inside the mind of a crow. There aren’t many Wargs besides Bran Stark, and that makes them rare. 

The ‘Real’ Undead

Mythical Creatures of Game of Thrones That Aren't Dragons or Unicorns

We have read about Wights and White Walkers, who are the undead from the show. However, if you have read the book, there’s one more person who’s truly deserving of the title ‘Undead,’ Sadly, she didn’t make an appearance on the show. 

The murdered Catelyn Stark is resurrected, but it’s not the same Lady Stark anymore. Physically she’s the same person, but not mentally. Lady Stoneheart, as she’s called in the book, is an alter-ego or evil-ego of Lady Stark. She has only one purpose in her mind – Revenge! 

Since the Lady Stoneheart chapter isn’t on the show, we won’t give you more info and spoil it. 

Children of the Forest

Mythical Creatures of Game of Thrones That Aren't Dragons or Unicorns

The final and most mysterious creature from this list is Children of the Forest. These are creatures that look like human children(Even if adults), and that’s how they got their name. These are said to be the native inhabitants of the Westeros. 

These children were living in the forests of Westeros for over 10,000 years. They are known to be living for hundreds of years. It is said that they are the ones who created White Walkers with their magic. Now, they live north of the wall, and not much is shown on the screen. 

Final Words

The Game of Thrones has so much to offer that you’ll get hooked to it if you watch the first episode. You won’t stop until you have watched Game of Thrones Season 8. The list from above contains the main mythical creatures of Game of Thrones. There are many more that haven’t been shown on the TV show. You can read Game of Thrones books to find out more about them.
And, we know our list hasn’t included the most obvious creature – Dragons! Since dragons get plenty of air-time on the show, we have decided not to write about them.

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