Mulligan Season 2: Will There Be Another Season on Netflix?

There’s a new one for Netflix users who enjoy adult animated comedies to add to their watch list. The humorous new comedy Mulligan debuted on May 12, and after watching all 10 episodes, you’ll be wondering if there will be a Mulligan season 2. The series is based on Unbreakable and 30 Rock.

Robert Carlock and Tina Fey are the show’s creators, and Kimmy Schmidt is about a group of survivors who band together to reconstruct society after an alien onslaught wipes out Earth as we know it. The series features voices by Nat Faxon, Chrissy Teigen, Tina Fey, Sam Richardson, Dana Carvey, and Phil LaMarr. Can humour fans anticipate that the second season will continue where the first one left off? Here is all we currently know about the show’s outcome without giving any major spoilers away!

Mulligan Season 2: Will There Be Another Season on Netflix?

Will there be a Mulligan season 2 on Netflix?

Netflix has not yet renewed or cancelled Mulligan as of the show’s premiere on May 12. Given that episode 10 closes with the phrase “to be continued,” there’s still a chance that Netflix will announce its outcome earlier than the customary one-month window.

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Mulligan season 2 may be the continuation of the “to be continued” tease from season 1, or Netflix may decide to surprise viewers with a 20-episode order like it has done with other animated series in the past. That would imply that the season’s second half might air later this year or the following year. However, based on Netflix’s past with animated comedies, it is only conjecture.

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Otherwise, before announcing a renewal or cancellation, Netflix will look at the series’ viewership as well as its completion rate during the first 28 days of its premiere. The requirement for renewal is normally lower for animated series, but because the writer’s strike is still an issue, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Keep checking Netflix Life for more information and updates for Mulligan season 2!

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