Are Monique And Derek Still Together From ‘Love After Lockup’ Show?

There has been much conjecture about the whereabouts of “Married at First Sight” stars Monique and Derek since the series finale aired. Although a rough start, Monique and Derek managed to create a strong relationship by the show’s end, which follows couples who meet for the first time on their wedding day.

After the cameras stopped filming, fans died to know if the couple could save their romance. This piece will investigate whether Monique and Derek are still together and what has happened to them after the series finale.

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Are Monique And Derek Still Together?

When released from prison, Derek was fascinated with his Love After Lockup girlfriend’s curves. He said he genuinely cared about Monique and their relationship and tried to steer her towards more beneficial choices. In a recent episode of Love After Lockup, the couple shared a trip to the fitness center. Monique explained that her regular workouts with Derek had become automatic.

Monique was preoccupied with what Derek would think of her throughout the season once he was no longer incarcerated. She lied and said she was worried he would reject her because of her size. Yet, Derek has publicly raved about Monique on social media to demonstrate his unwavering devotion to her.

Having the courage to admit on the reality show Love After Lockup that they had recently discovered each other as a live-in pair was a huge step for them. Filming follows Monique and Derek as they enter their first year of marriage.

Monique is monitoring Derek’s phone and home surveillance systems. Derek wants Monique to stop being so distant and start talking to him. As the season progresses, problems with maintaining order become apparent—a report from sportskeeda claims that Monique and Derek are still an item.

Why Doesn’t Monique Trust Derek On ‘love After Lockup’?

Not long after Derek’s release, they were followed by a strange car. Despite his protests, Derek believes the driver is an ex-lover, just like Monique did on Love After Lockup. And now that he’s free, Derek hopes to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend. Given his fearless demeanor, Monique can’t understand why he would worry about returning date to his grandmother’s place.

Given how distrustful each of them is, I don’t see a bright future for them as a couple. But they will likely be featured in the 2023 season of Life After Lockup. That being said, it seems likely that Monique and Derek will continue their relationship despite Derek’s adultery and Monique’s trust issues. Every Friday at 9 p.m. ET, tune in to WE TV to catch Love After Lockup.

Did Derek Cheat on Monique?

The strong-willed and self-reliant Monique from “Love After Lockup” wants to make her relationship with Derek work no matter what. As a result of Derek’s need for more openness and communication, tensions may arise in their relationship because she is so private. Derek encourages Monique to keep up her excellent work after her successful weight-loss surgery.

She loves her friends and family dearly, but they do not always support her decisions. On the other hand, the show just revealed that Derek cheated on Monique. Derek attempted to brush the argument aside by showering Monique with flowers and presents, but she was not ready to let the past go. Before deciding to give Derek another chance, Monique thought about leaving the relationship if he weren’t forthcoming with his feelings. They were both ready to share their love another shot.

Did Derek Cheat on Monique?
Did Derek Cheat on Monique?

Monique told Derek during their talk that she had missed her period and was considering becoming pregnant. Derek’s initial response was to ask her to “get the F outta here.” Monique may or may not be pregnant; perhaps she only uses the pregnancy to avenge Derek for his infidelity. What exactly is going on? Future episodes of “Love After Lockup” will fill us in.

By all accounts, Monique is a confident, self-reliant woman who is open to giving love another shot. She has strong morals and is not hesitant to advocate for herself when necessary. She is hopeful for her and Derek’s future together and is determined to make their relationship work despite being rocky.

Monique First Meet Derek

falling in love after serving time. While looking for a pen buddy on Facebook, Monique came upon Derek. It seemed inevitable that Monique would eventually reach out to Derek after she kept running into his profile picture. Derek had immediate romantic feelings for Monique and was eager to start a committed relationship with her. After two years together, they are still inseparable.

Yet, certain members of their family do not agree. Monique’s friendship group is just as disappointed in her relationship with Derek as she is. Nobody has ever actually met the other. Monique is anxious about Derek’s reaction because she lied about sharing his passion for fitness when they first met. Yet, Monique says she has Derek to thank for her decision to have weight loss surgery.

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