Molly Mae Hague Pregnant: She And Tommy Fury Are Expecting Their First Baby!

Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have recently shocked their fans by announcing that they are expecting a child, so it is only natural that everyone is going back to see if there were any clues they may have missed.

The couple, who first became acquainted with one another on the 2019 season of Love Island, announced the happy news on Instagram on Sunday, along with a video showing Molly Mae’s baby bulge.

The comment, “I can’t wait for the adventures that we haven’t even dreamed of yet,” accompanied a video of the now 23-year-olds expressing their love for one another while they were contestants on the ITV2 dating program. At the time, they had just met on the show. Must See Is Kayleigh Mcenany Pregnant.

Although none saw the news coming, there was an overwhelming outpouring of congratulations. Now, however, the 6.6 million people who follow Molly-Mae on Instagram have put on their best detective hats and are browsing through her old photos to determine whether or not her baby bulge was apparent and how she disguised it for such a long time.

As an influencer, Molly Mae Hague publishes images of her clothing daily. During the past several weeks, baggy sweatshirts and joggers have become her best friend, maybe in an attempt to cover her expanding belly.

During September, Molly-Mae did not post any images in which her tummy was visible, nor did she publish any photos in which she was wearing anything other than big apparel. She can have a stockpile of photographs, which means that the pictures she has labeled “September” may not have been taken in September at all.

On the other hand, can it be a coincidence that the expecting mother has been seen wearing nothing but hoodies and puffer jackets, especially given that her bump is hardly visible?

The PrettyLittleThing creative director donned figure-hugging clothing for the last time on Instagram on September 1, when she posed in a bodycon dress with cut-out detailing. This was the last time she wore a figure-hugging outfit.

Molly Mae Hague And Tommy Fury Are Expecting Their First Baby!
Molly Mae Hague And Tommy Fury Are Expecting Their First Baby!

However, from that point on, it consisted of comfortable sets that matched each other with snaps precisely oriented to cut her off above the stomach. In one of her posts, for instance, the ex-reality star posed with an iced tea in her hand while working on her laptop in a restaurant or café.

Molly-Mae was prepared for the shot by positioning her arm strategically over her stomach while wearing a highly loose grey tracksuit. In a number of her other posts, she can be seen wearing a khaki puffer jacket with an oversized silhouette, which she wore while on vacation in Switzerland with her boyfriend, Tommy.

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Molly is now expecting their first child together with Tommy, but the couple has expressed in the past their desire to have a large family. When asked recently about his desire to have children, Tommy, in particular, said his excitement about having a sizable family.

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