After Divorce from Liam Hemsworth in 2020, Who is Miley Cyrus Dating?

Miley Cyrus is a household name at this point. She gained fame as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. In her decade-long career, she has consistently delivered hit after hit. And, of course, Billy Ray Cyrus is her famous father. Miley Cyrus has been in the public eye for over a decade, but her past relationships have been kept under wraps.

Miley’s dating history may be easy to forget now that she’s been in the business for over a decade. She’s been the subject of numerous articles on Hollywood celebrities.

Here, we’ll attempt to piece together her dating life, beginning with her encounter with Liam Hemsworth on the set of The Last Song and ending with her engagement to Cody Simpson in 2020. The “Wrecking Ball” singer is unique, as Miley’s legion of devoted admirers will attest. Who is Miley Cyrus dating at the moment? Here, you’ll find out.

Miley Cyrus Dating

With a new album, new hair, and… a new beau, Miley Cyrus is on fire right now.

Following her divorce from Liam Hemsworth in 2020, the singer has been romantically linked to musician Maxx Morando. Who exactly is this Maxx Morando? What follows is a complete guide to Miley Cyrus’s new beau.

Who is Maxx Morando?

Maxx, a musician, is 23 years old and based in Los Angeles, California.

He currently plays drums for the rock band Liily, and from 2015 to 2018, he was a member of the punk rock band The Regrettes.

Miley and Maxx Have Been Together for How Long?

Miley and Maxx Have Been Together for How Long

The first time Miles and Maxx met was a little unexpected. She revealed to British Vogue that the two had met during a blind date. “I thought, ‘The worst that can happen is I leave,'” she remarked of their first encounter.

After attending a Gucci fashion show, they first sparked dating rumors in November 2021. She added him as a photo on Instagram, so clearly, they are serious.

They spent New Year’s Eve together, and by May of the following year, they were publicly showing affection in Los Angeles.

An insider confirmed their “happy dating” status to E! News in January 2022. They elaborated by saying, “They are both artistic and creative, so they bond over being musicians.”

They’ve been together for a while and are just enjoying each other,” a second insider told Entertainment Tonight in March. Miley appreciates that Maxx allows her the freedom to pursue her own interests and surround herself with positive influences.

Recently, he produced two songs for her new album, Endless Summer Vacation, and she accompanied him to a Versace fashion presentation.

Instagram is the source of this material. You could find the same material in a different format, or even more material, on their website.

However, Miley and Maxx want to keep their romance under wraps, so don’t look for them to make frequent public appearances or post cute couple selfies. All we care about is that they’re content.

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