Mikhaila Peterson Divorce: the Full Story Behind It

Podcaster, public speaker, and CEO of Luminate Enterprises Mikhaila Peterson. She is the host of “The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast,” in which she speaks with a variety of public figures and professionals about cultural trends, politics, and health.

Mikhaila Peterson and Andrey Korikov are getting a divorce, right?

Despite being a private individual, Mikhaila Peterson announced the news of her divorce from Andrey Korikov on her Instagram and Youtube accounts in November 2021. Andrey, her spouse, is a prosperous businessman. Mikhaila seldom ever discusses her personal life in depth. The former couple wed in 2017 after meeting at Ryerson University.

Mikhaila Peterson Divorce: the Full Story Behind It

Scarlett, their daughter, was born on August 6, 2017, when Mikhaila was 24 years old. Their marriage saw significant ups and downs around the time Elizabeth turned three. Mikhaila has said that the last five years have been “totally ludicrous” in light of her autoimmune disease, celebrity, and her parents’ deteriorating health.

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After learning that Tammy Roberts, her mother, had terminal cancer, the family traveled to Russia in February 2020 for treatment. Andrey is Russian, and they lived in Canada when they were married. The family relocated to Nashville in October 2021, where they are now co-parenting their daughter Elizabeth Scarlett.

Mikhaila Peterson’s New Boyfriend Update: Who Is She Dating After Her Break Up?

Jordan Fuller, whom Mikhaila met after splitting from Andrey Korikov, is the person she is dating. These recently introduced couples don’t hesitate to publicly declare their love for one another. On their individual Instagram pages, they have posted pictures, some of which show them kissing passionately. Jordan has a unique tale to share with the entire world.

He weighed 145 kg during his high school years and was profoundly depressed. He decided to alter his life in 2014. In response, Fuller adopted a strict ketogenic diet as recommended by his brother. Fuller shed roughly 64 kg. In 2018, Jordan listened to a podcast or online radio program where Mikhaila talked about the carnivorous diet.

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Mikhaila described her autoimmune conditions as well as her bodily and psychological well-being before and after beginning the carnivore diet. Fish, meat, and other animal items including eggs and some dairy products are the only foods allowed on the strict Carnivore Diet. All other foods, including grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, are forbidden. Jordan added this new diet as well, and it turned out to be quite good for his health.

What Is Mikhaila Peterson’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Mikhaila Peterson is $2 million. She maintains a successful podcast that is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and YouTube. Every month, Mikhaila makes a lot of money from this.


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