Mike Hill and Cynthia Divorce: She Wrongly Accused Him of Cheating in Divorce Documents

Here we are talking about Mike Hill and Cynthia Divorce. Officially (and legally) single and available for dating is Cynthia Bailey. According to court documents acquired by E! News, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her ex-husband Mike Hill have reached a divorce agreement. On December 1, a Georgia judge approved the settlement agreement between the Bravo personality and the Fox Sports anchor, about two months after the former couple announced their separation following two years of marriage.

Just one hiccup exists. In her initial divorce petition, Cynthia wrongly claimed that Mike had cheated on her, claiming that she was entitled to a divorce because of Mike’s immoral behavior and inappropriate adulterous relations.

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The paperwork was changed by Cynthia and her legal team to merely read that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” Daniel R. Meachum, Cynthia’s lawyer, addressed the error and said to TMZ, “Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill filed for divorce incorrectly in the beginning after engaging in inappropriate adulterous interactions.

Only irreconcilable differences are the cause of the impending divorce. The legal team for Meachum and Associates is filing an amended petition right away to refute that accusation.” Mike, 52, and Cynthia, 55, announced their separation in October but have insisted they remain friendly despite their failed marriage.

Mike Hill and Cynthia Divorce

Cynthia exclusively said to E! News in October, “I believe the main component of any marriage is friendship and Mike and I are still very, very good friends. “We just choose to go our separate ways, but our love for one another remains. A lot of things were happening at once.”

She went on, “We always promised ourselves that if we ever felt like it wasn’t working, we would just have the conversation and move on. We have both been married twice before; in fact, this is my second marriage.

Because I don’t want a marriage for its own sake. He shares my desire for serenity and happiness and I share these desires with him. We’re better off as friends, in my opinion.”

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