Are Michelle And Nayte Still Together On The Bachelorette?

Former contestants on “The Bachelorette,” Michelle Young and “Nayte Olukoya,” recently broke up, shocking and perplexing Bachelor Nation. Now, Nayte is dishing the details of the breakup, including the reason he called off the engagement.

Michelle, an elementary school teacher in Minnesota at the tender age of 28, and Nayte, a sales executive in her early twenties from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, hit it off right away. Michelle trusted Nayte even though he and she seemed to be very different at first glance and even though some people had warned her about his alleged red flags.

Michelle became interested in Nayte after the first episode of The Bachelorette when he was the subject of several “firsts.” When he got out of the limo, he was the first man she saw, so she gave him a rose as a good first impression. Together, they experienced the season’s first kiss.

On a trip back to Minnesota with the guys, Michelle decided to take Nayte out on their first real date together, the season’s second one-on-one. While out on Lake Minnetonka for the day, Michelle and her two closest friends introduced Nayte to their mutual friend. To Nayte, Michelle was beginning to confess in her diary.

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Michelle And Nayte Relation Status On The Bachelorette

Michelle chose Nayte at the final rose ceremony to be her Bachelorette on the 18th season finale of The Bachelorette. After he popped the question, she happily accepted. They first appeared together in public as a married couple on the “After the Final Rose” episode of The Bachelorette.

They gave off a positive impression, and Nayte even said he was relocating to Minnesota very soon even though he never did. The couple was given a check for $200,000 to put toward the purchase of their first home as a gift from the show. Michelle and Nayte’s split was publicly announced on June 17, 2022, with both women posting separate statements to their respective Instagram stories.

Fans of “The Bachelor” were left wondering what had happened to end their fairytale romance as the couple requested some alone time. Nayte explained the circumstances surrounding the breakup of his engagement to Michelle in a recent interview on The Viall Files podcast (hosted by former Bachelor Nick Viall).

Are Michelle and Nayte Still Together? 

On June 17, the reality show couple announced they were splitting up. Nayte, speaking exclusively to Life & Style at the 2022 iHeartRadio KIIS FM Wango Tango on June 4, hinted that they want children “one day in the future,” a reference to the impending breakup.

He weighed in at a whopping 13 pounds at birth! Michelle joked in the joint interview that she and her boyfriend were “taking it in stride” before getting married. Because we have always discussed our ideal method of travel, we are going to hold off for a bit. One day we’ll take the kids along, but right now we just want to see the worldby ourselves.

Previously in February, the Austinite had stated that he and Michelle were still “feeling it all out” in terms of where to settle down and w hen to get married. Nayte, who had previously mentioned making preparations to relocate to Michelle’s home state of Minnesota, said, “We like to make sure that we’re always making very calculated decisions, we’re always looking at all of our options.” Life & Style tried to get in touch with Michelle and Nayte for their take, but did not hear back from them in time.

Did Michelle And Nayte Break Up?
Did Michelle And Nayte Break Up?

Did Michelle And Nayte Break Up?

During an interview with The Viall Files, Nayte said, “I called her up and we ended things. You should never end a relationship over the phone, especially with your fiancé.” Michelle’s birthday weekend was a Wango Tango event, and Nayte said it all went down there. Nayte admitted that “things were just kind of rocky” to begin the weekend.

Right before they had to give interviews for Wango Tango, he and Michelle got into an argument. This triggered the third time in their relationship that Nayte and Michelle were on the verge of breaking up in conversation. Nayte told his mom that he called her from the airport and that he was crying because he had no idea what to do.

The next weekend was the CMA Awards, but he didn’t feel right doing press while accompanying Michelle. Nayte was informed by Michelle that they would need to provide an explanation if they were unable to attend the event. According to his account, he sprang a question: “The only reason I’m not filing for divorce from you is because I can’t see us doing CMAs.

My bad decision to end our relationship via telephone was the final straw. Truthfully, it was terrible.” According to Nayte, the divorce was finalized six days after that phone call. During that time, they talked, texted, and FaceTimed until late at night. Around the middle of July, they stopped responding to each other.

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