Michael Gidweon Cause of Death: What Happened to Him

Authorities can now vouch that Gideon McKean drowned to death. According to a Maryland Department of Health official who talked with E! News on Monday, April 13, “the manner of death is an accident and the cause of death is drowning aggravated by hypothermia.”

After the body was found on April 8, about a week after the 8-year-old and his mother Maeve Kennedy Townsend went missing, a coroner was able to conduct an autopsy on it. His remains were located 2,000 feet from his mother’s body, according to the authorities. She also drowned inadvertently and died.

On April 2, Maeve and Gideon vanished after getting in a boat to chase after their ball after it flew into the Chesapeake Bay. “A witness from the land observed them about 30 minutes later, far off the shore, and phoned the police. They were not seen again following that final sighting, “Previously, her spouse had shared.

Michael Gidweon Cause of Death: What Happened to Him

The Kennedy family had a virtual memorial service soon after the remains were found, choosing to do so out of caution due to the coronavirus. The former chief of staff for Maeve’s mother, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Alan Fleischmann, said in a statement that “thousands” of people watched the services to commemorate the two persons.

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“The family gathered with friends from all around the world and of all ages. The attendance at the service is evidence of the everlasting love and loss shared by Maeve and Gideon. Their enduring vigor and vividness were conveyed by the service “He revealed.

David McKean also paid tribute to Maeve and Gideon in a Facebook post, sharing his heartfelt memories of what he will miss most about them. “Maeve was my entire world and turned 40 in November. She was both my soul mate and my best friend.

Do you know which celebrities are no more with us? Check how they died in our recent articles:

I’ve already had numerous thoughts throughout the day about the necessity to remember to inform Maeve about an event, “David sent a lengthy message. “The idea that this would eventually disappear scares the hell out of me. Maeve laughed frequently, and you could hear her laugh from a block away.

Her boundless energy allowed her to create activities for our kids, take on new tasks at work or in the community, and spend time with our friends. She was truly magical.” He described Gideon, 8, as a “very caring” and “brave” young guy.


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