Michael Bidwill Net Worth: How Much Does The NFL Owners Make?

Michael Bidwill Net Worth: Michael Bidwill is the third-generation owner of the St. Louis Cardinals and the second of five children in his family. When the Cardinals were still playing in Chicago in 1933, his grandpa Charles Bidwill bought the team. Charles’s widow, Violet, took over the franchise after his death in 1947 and relocated it to St. Louis in 1960. 

When Violet died, her father Bill, and her uncle Charles Bidwill Jr. inherited the business, with Bill becoming the sole owner in 1971. The only other teams that have been owned by the same family as long as the Cardinals are the Chicago Bears (1921) and the New York Giants (1925). 

It was in 1969, when Bidwill first visited a Cardinals training camp, that he became interested in American football.  Bill, his father, hired him and his brothers William Jr., Patrick, and Tim to be ball boys for the squad that year. 

In 2007, Bidwill observed, “I realized from a young age that when you don’t win, there will be criticism.” Michael Bidwill went to Georgetown Prep before earning a BS in finance from Saint Louis University (where he pledged Phi Delta Theta) in 1987. 

He earned his J.D. from Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law in 1990. When the Cardinals relocated to Arizona in 1988, Bidwill went with them. In Phoenix, he served as a federal prosecutor from 1990 until 1996.

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Michael Bidwill Career Earnings And Lifestyle

Michael Bidwill’s ownership of the Arizona Cardinals is a major contributor to his career earnings. In 2021, the NFL team was worth $467 million to him and ranked 47th on Forbes’ list of the most valuable sports franchises in the world.

Considering his wealth, it’s not surprising that he has several mansions and several expensive automobiles. The Cardinals owner has put up his Paradise Valley mansion for sale for $5.8 million. He has lived in Paradise Valley for 15 years.

House prices in Paradise Valley have risen since the outbreak of the pandemic, and Michael is trying to capitalize on this by selling his 8,000-square-foot property, which he bought in 2007 for $4.425.1 million.

Instead of buying one for himself, Bidwill bought a Boeing 777-200ER for his staff in 2021. There are enough 288 passengers on this Cardinals-themed jet.

To further demonstrate his status as the best coach in the NFL, he sent his plane to bring in the team’s newest player, JJ Watt. However, the squad may have won their first Super Bowl if the supporters were impressed by the owner.

Michael Bidwill Net Worth 2022

Michael Bidwill is worth $1.4 billion, reports the Spanish publication Marca. Michael Bidwill, the owner of the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League, is a well-known businessman. Valued at $3.27 billion at the moment. In addition, like a few other NFL owners, Bidwill inherited the team rather than buying it.

The current owner of the Cardinals spent six years before joining the team in 1996 working as a federal prosecutor. His father, Bill Bidwill, was the franchise owner at the time, and he did a terrible job of it.

The Cardinals had only one winning season and eight losing seasons in the 1990s. After Bill’s untimely passing in 2019, his role as president of the company has fallen to Michael.

The Cardinals’ revenue has increased since Michael joined the franchise as vice president in the early 2000s. Currently, State Farm, the University of Phoenix, Papa John’s, and Hyundai all serve as major sponsors.

Business-wise, the Cardinals might seem successful, but football fans would be wise to remain skeptical. They made the postseason in 2021, but have struggled since.

Cardinals President’s Family Ownership

Michael Bidwill’s family has owned the Cardinals since 1932. The Cardinals were purchased by Michael Bidwill’s grandfather, Charles Bidwill, for $50,000 that year.

Cardinals President's Family Ownership
Cardinals President’s Family Ownership

Known as a prominent sports businessman in Chicago, Charles Bidwill made the decision to purchase the football team (then called the Chicago Cardinals) while he was out on his yacht one day.

The businessman has ties to Al Capone, the legendary American criminal. Several people knew Charles as the gangster’s business partner, and his ties to the criminal eventually got him in trouble with a U.S. Senate inquiry.

After purchasing the football team on a whim while on his boat at a party, Charles managed the franchise until 1947. After he died in 1960, Violet transferred the baton to their sons Bill Bidwill and Charles Bidwill Jr.

Bill Bidwill, Michael’s dad, bought it in his own right in 1971. The team’s reputation as one of the worst-run and least expensive in the league was cemented throughout his time in charge.

The franchise’s luck turned around after Michael Bidwill joined it. Since its opening in 2006, the University of Phoenix Stadium has generated an average of $200 million annually, allowing the team to improve its competitive standing.

The franchise is now valued at $3.27 billion, up 23% from the previous year. The Cardinals fell from 27th to 30th in the NFL despite improving their total sports ranking.

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