Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Price Increase Announced Is Getting A $100 On August 1?

Unquestionably the most well-liked virtual reality (VR) headset on the market is Meta’s Quest 2, but as of August 1, it will cost $100 extra. The 128GB version will now cost $399, and the 256GB version will cost $499.

Uncertainty surrounds the amount by which the costs of accessories and refurbished Quest 2 headsets will likewise rise. Meta will provide a free copy of the rhythm game Beat Saber to everybody who buys a new Quest 2 after August 1 until the end of 2022 as a way to make up for the price rise.

In a blog post announcing the price increases, Meta claimed that doing so would enable the firm to make investments in new VR-related research and product development. Before changing its name to Meta the following year, Quest 2 made its debut in the fall of 2020 as the Oculus Quest 2.

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The 64GB version was superseded by a 128GB variant in 2021, with a $299 starting price. As of June 2022, the headset was said to have sold 14.8 million copies. If you’ve been debating whether to get a Quest 2, now is the perfect opportunity.

Retailers including GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart are still honoring the Quest 2’s current $299 starting price. For $249, Meta is still offering refurbished Quest 2 headphones.

Will, The Price Rise Affect Meta Quest 2 VR Headset’s Worth?

Everyone dislikes price hikes, but when they happen in August, the Quest 2 will continue to be the most sensible headset for novice VR users to purchase. While there are rivals with better specifications, such as the $749 Valve Index, they frequently necessitate a strong gaming PC or are substantially more expensive, such as the $1,300 Vive Focus 3.

Within the next year, Sony plans to release a new PlayStation VR headset, but since it requires a PlayStation 5 console to function, a whole setup will be more expensive than the Quest 2. Additionally, the Quest 2 features built-in sensors, so no additional cables or outside equipment is required to play.

Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Price
Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Price

Game selection is another crucial element working to Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Price advantage. Resident Evil 4 VR and Vader Immortal are just a couple of the exclusive VR games and interactive experiences that can only be found in The Quest 2.

Finding new apps they’re interested in utilizing the Quest store will also be simple for novice VR users. Although the $100 price rise is unfortunate, the Quest 2 is still the best headset in its price range if you want to try out virtual reality.

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