Message From 50 Cent To Diddy About The Yung Miami Breakup

Fans are devastated by reports of a feud between Diddy and Yung Miami. After reports of their apparent split, for which many fans expressed sadness, 50 Cent has issued a statement. He has recently used Instagram to attack the City Girl and his ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy.

Recently, Joy was spotted out and about with Diddy, raising speculation that he and Miami may have grown apart. Fif wrote, “LOL PUFFY,” in his message. ‘You better repair this before I get to Miami, or you’re going to be stuck playing with my old s**t,’ he said. We keep it, player, over here, and you know I don’t miss a thing since Justin knocked me out.

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50 Cent appears to be warning his longtime foe that he will be pursuing her girlfriend. The two have been feuding for years, so insults like this are to be anticipated, even if they make things unpleasant. And the “old s**t” comment is probably meant as a ribald joke about Joy.

She and 50 had a son, Sire Jackson, together, but they broke up in 2012 after only two years of dating. One of the headlines on the 50’s post read, “Yung Miami BREAKS UP With Diddy…” He ‘CUT’ her monthly allowance from $400,000 to $200,000!! There’s no way to tell if these allegations are true, but astute Instagram users noticed a few tells.

All of Yung Miami and Diddy’s old social media posts have been removed. On the other hand, Diddy has removed all of his content from Instagram. There is some truth to this rumour, although it is not absolute. Perhaps Diddy will have a more extensive promotional rollout, or perhaps he just wants to keep a low profile… Who can say?

As far as we can tell, the birthday chain was a gift from Yung Miami to Diddy a few days before the rumours began to circulate. She also appeared in his most recent “Diddy Freestyle” video. So, unless something major happened in the past several hours, things don’t add up.

50 still has other concerns. On Monday, November 14th, the “In Da Club” rapper will surprise everyone by hosting The Drew Barrymore Show. With an Instagram post, Barrymore said that she had contracted COVID and that fif and TV personality Ross Matthews would be taking over in her stead.

It’s a pleasant surprise, however, it’s not obvious what ties the actress to the star of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Check back with HotNewHipHop for updates on the purported romance between 50 Cent, Yung Miami, and Diddy.

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