Merlin Season 6 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Are you still looking for the latest update regarding Merlin Season 6? This is an adventurous fictional series, which the viewers love. It is stated as one of the best series created by Murphy and Johnny Capps, written by Jones, and produced by Shine Limited. It has earned some good ratings and turned out to be a massive success. The visuals of the story, including its magic scenes, are par excellence. It is one of the reasons why fans are still stuck on this fantastic series. However, when creators of Merlin were asked questions regarding season six during an interview, they hinted that a new season of Merlin might come. However, there was an official announcement, but they meant the graphs only depend on the profit, fans, and popularity it gets. Here are all the details we know about season six so far. 

Merlin Season 6 Release Date

No one can deny that the demand for Merlin Season 6 is incredibly high. Merlin Season 5 premiered on BBC One in 2012 October. It was a 13 episodes long show, which finished by December 2012. They officially announced that the fifth season was the last divided into two different parts for the finale. It ended with massive success in 2012. However, the fans are not satisfied with its ending and hope to see more of it. So here are the fingers crossed! 


Merlin Season 6

The main characters of Merlin Season 6 would be: 

  • Anthony Stewart Head will be playing the role of King Uther Pendragon 
  • Colin Morgan will be playing the role of Merlin 
  • Bradley James (II) will be playing the role of Arthur Pendragon 
  • Holy Messenger Coulby will be playing the role of Gwen, also known as Guinevere 
  • Richard Wilson (III) will be playing the role of Gaius 
  • Katie McGrath will be playing the role of Morgana 

Besides these characters, some new names can also join the show if it ever gets made. 


As the directors and producer have said, that story will not be continued, as the finale has already been released back then. Though, we can cherish and relive the moment of this captivating series. The story’s plot was focused on King Authur and Protagonist Merlin, a skillful and robust sorcerer.  Since Uther was leading the kingdom, Merlin was banned from using his powers for decades. He was asked to keep his power a secret, but later it turned out to be that he was destined to protect the highness of Camelot. Moving on, Arthur formed a bond with Merlin and assigned him as his servant. 

It is one of the epic stories that takes many twists and turns, presenting strong characters and adventures attended by many hurdles. But, season 5 is the climax that you should miss. In the end, Authur realized that Merlin intended to protect him directly and indirectly, but he died in his arms. So, Merlin uses all his power to subdue the Great Dragon. So, let’s hope the new season arrives soon! 

Merlin Season 6 Trailer

Since the makers release no official statement as yet, there is no trailer. However, the makers already announce that Merlin Season 5 is divided into two parts for a grand finale. After the show turned into a huge success, the directors, producers, and casts thanked the fans for showering so much love. However, it looks like fans still miss them and are cordially waiting for Merlin Season 6. 


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