Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery: Which Secrets Does She Revealed?

Megyn Kelly, whose full name is Megyn Marie Kelly and whose ex-married name was Megyn Marie Kendall, was an American attorney, journalist, and television personality who was best known for her pointed interviews and commentary on the Fox News Channel. Megyn Kelly was born on November 18, 1970, in Champaign, Illinois, in the United States.

Early Life And Legal Career

Kelly, the third and youngest child of an education professor and his wife, was raised in Syracuse and Delmar, New York. Her mother took a job as a nurse at a Veterans Administration hospital to help support the family when her father passed away in 1985. Attending Syracuse University was Kelly.

She switched to studying political science after the university’s school of public communications rejected her application, earning a bachelor’s degree in that field in 1992. She then enrolled in Albany Legal School, where she served as editor of the student senate and editor of the law review.

She initially thought about becoming a prosecutor after the latter experience, which gave her the opportunity to participate on a panel that examined claims of sexual harassment against faculty members. However, Kelly chose corporate law after earning her law degree in 1995 and accepted a job at the Chicago law firm Bickel & Brewer.

In 1997, she made the shift to the global law firm Jones Day, where she worked as a client representative for Experian, among other companies. Even though Kelly had a good chance of becoming a partner, she grew weary of the long hours required by litigation. She took a reporting course and finished an internship at the NBC News office in Chicago.

Despite her lack of expertise, a friend assisted her in filming a sample reel so that she might contact television stations in quest of a job as a newscaster. She obtained employment as a stringer for the Washington, D.C., ABC News station WJLA-TV after relocating to Baltimore, Maryland, in 2003.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery

Debra Messing of Will & Grace and Jane Fonda of the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel both publicly dissed Megyn Kelly during her first week on the Today show. This isn’t the first storm that the former Fox News anchor turned NBC personality has withstood, either.

Kelly’s turbulent past includes marriage dissolution, speculation of cosmetic surgery, an emotionally unstable older sibling, and a racy nude photo shoot. For more on Kelly’s alleged misdeeds, peruse the images provided by Radar.

Megyn Kelly had a terrible first week on her new Today show when Jane Fonda and Will & Grace’s Debra Messing both publicly insulted her. That said, this isn’t the first time the former Fox News anchor turned NBC personality has faced adversity.

Kelly’s life is a tangled web that includes a divorce, plastic surgery allegations, an emotionally unstable older sister, and a racy photo shoot. Kelly has a lot of controversies and secrets, which you can read about in Radar’s photo gallery.


When Kelly’s current nose was compared to her nose in her high school yearbook photos, the speculation that she underwent rhinoplasty began. Compared to recent images, her nose was noticeably larger and more rounded when she was a teenager.

Her present nose shape is significantly more angular, and the bridge is narrower than in the past. Either one of these differences in her nose’s appearance suggests that she has undergone a rhinoplasty in the past.

Breast Augmentation

Kelly’s tiny, natural-looking breasts were one of her most distinguishing features when she first came to national prominence. Her breasts became increasingly large and obvious to her viewers over time.

Some people claim to have spotted a scar near her armpit that could be the result of an incision made to insert implants. Her breasts no longer appear to be as little as they used to, therefore some are even speculating that she has gone up to a size 32C.

Did Megyn Kelly Have Plastic Surgery
Did Megyn Kelly Have Plastic Surgery


It makes sense that Kelly would have developed some wrinkles on her face over the past few years given that she is in her mid-40s. While hosting her nightly Fox News television program, she does not display any pronounced facial wrinkles.  Online celebrity rumor sites claim that the news anchor has benefited from Botox to keep her skin smooth and young-looking for her broadcast audience.

On Kelly’s body in the past, it is unknown exactly how much or if any work was done. The chatter about her appearance will remain just that—speculation—until she comes forward and addresses the issue in person. She just released an autobiography that omitted any mention of plastic surgery. If she didn’t include this topic in her book, she probably won’t offer it up to the public anytime soon.

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