Megan Fox Plastic Surgery: Is This Rumor Or Reality?

People are likely to notice that Megan Fox’s face has changed considerably from the beginning of her profession. The Johnny and Clyde actress, 35, has never acknowledged having surgery or other non-surgical treatments done, but Megan Fox’s face has altered considerably over the years, making it difficult to ignore.

Even when she was papped leaving the Diamond Face Institute in Beverly Hills just a few weeks ago, Transformers actress Kristen Wiig attempted her best to conceal her alleged plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

Fans speculated that since her lips seemed bloated in paparazzi photos shot as she was walking back to her car, she had even more lip fillers put on her already full pout. In 2010, she told Allure, “You can tell that my lips are my lips,” but twelve years later, it’s evident that that is no longer the case since her lips had undergone extensive plastic surgery.

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Lip And Cheek Fillers

A combination of lip and cheek fillers may be responsible for Megan’s dramatic change in appearance, as her lips and cheeks appear to be bigger than they were before the fillers were injected. Let’s begin with the mouth.

Megan’s upper lip at the beginning of her career was significantly thinner than it is now in 2021. Lip fillers, many believe, have given her upper lip a plumper appearance and made it nearly comparable in size to her lower lip.

Rumours that Megan has had cheek fillers and perhaps cheek implants to obtain a more sculpted face aren’t too far-fetched, as her cheeks have gotten a lot fuller. According to certain rumours, several extreme close-ups of the Jennifer Body actress reveal a noticeable implant.

Fans believe Megan Fox may have had some of her filler dissolved recently to make her seem more natural, but the contrast between her face in the early 2000s and her face in 2021 is still incredibly dramatic.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery
Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Has Megan Fox had A Nose Job?

FHM’s Sexiest Lady in the World Megan Fox is reported to have had rhinoplasty around the time she was named the world’s sexiest woman by the magazine. Side-by-by-side photos of Megan’s face from the early 2000s and the late 2000s indicate that her nose is considerably slimmer, more defined, and no longer has a vertical dent in the centre, which would have made most of us content with her initial appearance.

When comparing side profile photos taken before and after, the difference is much more apparent. Filler can be used to modify the contour of the tip of the nose without surgery, but a much thinner form is typically only possible with surgery. Maybe Megan Fox will come clean about her nose job one day…

Botox, Brow Lifts, And Other Recent Procedures

Megan’s lower jaw appears fuller in recent pictures, which could be achieved through a fat transfer. However, most of the signs are pointing to the actress possibly having a ponytail facelift, similar to the one that Ariana Grande was rumoured to have had.

This would be similar to the procedure that Ariana Grande was rumoured to have had. We are unable to confirm this, but several professionals in the field have suggested that her face in 2021 is exhibiting all of the signs of having undergone a ponytail/endoscopic facelift (and even a ponytail neck lift!).

This is a procedure that younger celebrities typically get to change their appearance rather than to reverse the signs of ageing, as older patients might want to achieve with a traditional facelift.

Megan Fox: What She Says?

The celebrity created a Facebook album in 2011 headlined ‘Things You Can’t Do with Your Face When You Have Botox’; the photos showed her posing for selfies scrunching up her face and pinching her forehead.

In 2010, Megan Fox said about cosmetic surgery, “I would recommend people to first meet with a therapist to try to figure out where this wish comes from because sometimes it’s not linked to your teeth, nose, or chin — the surgery won’t cure that insecurity for you.” Do it if you feel like it. It’s incredible we have the technology we do.

Megan Fox Get Cosmetic Surgery?

Despite Megan Fox’s denials, many of us feel she has undergone cosmetic surgery on her face or body. There is a noticeable difference in Megan Fox’s nose and breast size when comparing old and new photos of her.

Could it be that Megan Fox’s nose has been surgically reshaped, or has her make-up artist done an excellent job in contouring it? Should we be suspicious of Megan Fox’s appearance, or are we just seeing a nice push-up bra? You may share your ideas with us!

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