Martha Stewart Says She’d Date Pete Davidson

Could Pete Davidson and Martha Stewart be the next big A-list couple? Stewart participated in a game of “Red Flag, Yellow Flag, Green Flag” on “The Drew Barrymore Show” on October 25. She had to describe how she would feel about potential dates using a green flag (into it), red flag (not into it), or yellow flag (on the fence).

When Barrymore recommended she date someone who had as many tattoos as Davidson — or even Davidson himself — the domestic diva didn’t flinch while waving her green flag. Everyone wants you to go on a date with Pete Davidson, according to a trend on the internet, according to Barrymore. Martha Stewart remarked, “I mean, he’s dated so many women. “Well, what?”

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Barrymore enquired. I’m not suggesting that’s awful, though. That’s good, in my opinion. He’s kind of cute, too,” Stewart added. Everyone adores him, according to Barrymore. “I’m sure everyone adores him. I am acquainted with him. I knew him, and you didn’t know that?

After Barrymore exhaled, Stewart remarked that they are acquainted and mentioned how they collaborated on a Justin Bieber roast in 2015. “On the Bieber roast, he was this tiny twerp. Barrymore and the audience laughed when she stated, “He was even twerpier than Bieber. “Everyone has such great things to say about Pete Davidson.

He has to be a good guy, for example,” Barrymore remarked. Oh, what a kind guy. He is an excellent person.  He knows how to go in and get out,” Martha Stewart stated to the audience’s squeals of delight. Age is not a factor for him, and he is open to it. Just a thought,” Barrymore remarked.

But perhaps it would be best if they didn’t couple. Stewart stated, “He’s like my lost son.” Stewart, 81, and Davidson, 28, also met earlier this year at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which the comic attended with his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. This encounter was in addition to the Bieber roast.

He’s a really cute guy. Two days after the dinner, Martha Stewart told TODAY, “He’s amusing and polite and pleasant. Given that he has been associated with celebrities like Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Kate Beckinsale, Davidson seems to possess the charm that attracts women.

Hoda Kotb then questioned Stewart about what it is about the former “SNL” star that attracts women, which elicited a sly compliment from Stewart. She described him as “just a skinny, kind of homely, really sweet guy.”

“When he had longer, curly hair, he was cuter. He performed a short sketch for me while we were performing the roast, which you can see if you look at my Instagram. He’s charming and nice, so I don’t believe he’s a big deal. He’s a kind guy. And we were enjoying ourselves greatly.

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