Tragic Collision Claims Life of Renowned Chilean Gaming Influencer María Ignacia Celedón and Five Others

The global gaming community mourns the loss of María Ignacia Celedón, a beloved Chilean gaming influencer known as Maru Rockets, who met an untimely demise in a devastating head-on collision. The tragic incident unfolded on Monday morning, leaving a somber mark on the local community.

María Ignacia Celedón, recognized for her online presence as Maru Rockets, was among the victims of the heart-wrenching crsh that transpired on Route 9 within Chile’s Punta Arenas region. The collision occurred when the taxi she was traveling in collided with another vehicle, leading to the tragic loss of her life and five others, according to local reports.

The investigation into the incident revealed that a combination of icy road conditions and excessive speed played a contributory role in the tragic crsh. The collision claimed the lives of all occupants of both vehicles—four individuals from the other car perished at the scene, while the taxi driver succumbed to injuries en route to the hospital.

María Ignacia Celedón Dies in Car Crash

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The 28-year-old gaming influencer’s boyfriend and a friend, both fellow gaming streamers, were also present in the taxi and sustained injuries. María’s boyfriend, Ignacio Carrasco, known as Dime Nacho in the virtual realm, and her friend Shin Yang, going by the online moniker Shinipan, were promptly transported to a local medical facility for treatment.

The trio had been on a journey to Patagonia and were en route to the airport to return to Santiago when the collision tragically occurred. María Ignacia Celedón had garnered a significant following on social media platforms—boasting over 13,000 Instagram followers and 21,500 TikTok followers prior to her unfortunate passing.

With a film degree from the University of Chile, Celedón was a dynamic presence in the Latin American gaming landscape, frequently featured on Nexoplay, a prominent channel dedicated to video game content. Her rise to prominence was largely fueled by her passion for the game Valorant, which she initially streamed on YouTube before transitioning to the popular platform Twitch.

The gaming industry has felt the impact of María’s absence profoundly. Notably, she had actively participated in the Expogame live gaming convention, and the organization shared their sentiments in a heartfelt Instagram post: “You were one in a million, you really taught us so much with your charisma, your professionalism and your distinctive stamp of humor and joy that you always put into everything you did.” Expogame’s poignant words continued to reflect on the profound friendship she extended to the community.

As the community mourns this grievous loss, investigations into the circumstances of the tragic collision are ongoing, leaving many to grapple with the inexplicable loss of a young and vibrant life.

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