Mackenzie Divorce After A Year Of marriage From Her Husband Dan Jewett

Mackenzie Divorce: MacKenzie Scott, one of the world’s wealthiest and most significant philanthropists, has filed for divorce from Dan Jewett, a science teacher she wed in the wake of her 2019 divorce from Jeff Bezos, the founder of, Inc.

In a petition submitted to the King County Superior Court in the state of Washington on Monday, Scott stated, “We seek the court to dissolve our marriage.” The document reveals the couple’s contract outlining how they will divide their real estate and any other personal property.

It also states that “spousal support is not required.” The existence of a separate contract is the only thing noted on the line on the petition where petitioners can mention whether or not they have a prenuptial agreement.

Last year, Scott announced her marriage to Jewett via her page for the Giving Pledge. This is a vow the ultra-rich make that they’ll give away the majority of their money in their lifetimes or their wills.

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According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Scott is worth $28.9 billion. Jewett responded with a letter of his own, and the two of them were depicted together in a photo at the top of the page. Now, only the headshot and the letter featuring Scott are left.

Jewett was also mentioned in a blog post that Scott, who is 52 years old and writes for the website Medium, published. Scott has used this platform to announce the receipt of significant donations. The references to such things have likewise been removed.

In a post that he published in June, Scott stated that he and Dan, along with a “constellation of scholars and administrators and consultants,” were working toward “giving away a wealth that institutions in need of repair enabled.”

In its current form, it states, “We are attempting to give away a wealth facilitated by systems that need to reform.” Both a spokesman for Scott and Jewett did not immediately respond to requests for comment that were sent their way. Earlier information about the divorce petition was published in the New York Times.

After her divorce from Jeff Bezos, when she was left with a 4% interest in Amazon, Suzanne Scott could assume control of wealth worth $36 billion. Since then, she has donated her wealth at a rate never seen before, disbursing more than $12 billion in donations since she signed the promise in 2019.

Mackenzie Divorce From Her Husband Dan Jewett
Mackenzie Divorce From Her Husband Dan Jewett

It is unknown how significant of a part Jewett plays in Scott’s charitable giving, as Scott employs a group of specialists and advisors who search for various charity organizations throughout the country.

In most cases, Scott will announce her charitable contributions through blog postings; the most recent of them was published in March. Earlier on in this year, Scott mentioned that her team is currently working on developing a website that will feature a database of her grants that users may search through.

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