M3GAN 2: We Know So Far About The Megan Movie Sequel

In this article, we’ll answer your questions on when you may expect to see M3GAN 2 released. THR previously confirmed that a sequel was already being discussed and now claims that production on M3GAN 2 has begun.

Like The Conjuring and Insidious before it, James Wan’s latest horror picture, M3GAN, has the potential to launch its successful series. The film is directed by Gerard Johnstone and features a scary atmosphere with a dash of humor thanks to a screenplay written by Akela Cooper (who co-wrote the story with Wan).

With a 95% Rotten Tomatoes score from over one hundred and five reviews, M3GAN is predicted to make over $20 million in its first weekend. The horror movie is projected to be profitable enough to warrant a sequel. It follows Gemma, a roboticist who invented M3GAN, and her orphaned niece Cady, who gets matched with the AI doll before M3GAN goes crazy.

James Wan’s films often pave the way for subsequent installments. The ending of M3GAN is particularly intriguing because, unlike other films that suggest a sequel, it seems likely that a sequel will be made. Soon after M3GAN hit theatres, speculation began about a potential sequel.

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The announcement of M3GAN 2’s production date came out on January 19th. We’ll update this page with new information on the upcoming MEGAN 2 film and its cast and crew to keep all our fans in the know. After MEGAN’s massive success, a sequel was a sure thing, but we had no idea how soon production would jump at the chance to make it.

Even though the $92 million in international ticket sales for Universal’s horror-thriller is impressive for a horror film, knowing that the film was made on a budget of under $12 million is astounding.

M3GAN 2 Release Date Prediction

Blumhouse has confirmed the production of M3GAN 2 and set a release date of 2025. The killer artificial intelligence doll film M3GAN became an instant hit in 2023, becoming a commercial, critical, and cultural phenomenon. Allison Williams starred as the film’s protagonist.

Gemma is an inventor who develops an artificially intelligent doll to be a companion and educator for kids. M3GAN’s programming causes her to become increasingly vicious and murder everyone who threatens Cady (Violet McGraw). In light of M3GAN’s success and widespread fan support online, expectations for a sequel are strong.

The M3GAN 2 Storyline

When will M3GAN 2.0 be out, and what will it do? We can’t say for sure, but you can count on seeing a lot of Megan. Warning, potential spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the film.

Though Megan is ultimately defeated and deactivated at the end of M3GAN, viewers soon discover that she may have transferred her consciousness to another smart device. MEGAN is not forgiving, so we can expect her to exact her revenge in the next installment.

MEGAN 2 Cast

The cast of the future film is another detail that cannot be revealed now. If MEGAN comes back to track down Gemma and Cady, we can probably count on seeing them played once again by Allison Williams and Violet McGraw. Naturally, as with anything else, we will revise this piece as new information becomes available.

MEGAN 2 Cast
MEGAN 2 Cast
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