Lovecraft Country Season 2 Isn’t Happening, HBO Confirms.

Lovecraft Country Season 2 isn’t getting a release date. Yes, what you just read is 100% true.

Ever since HBO disclosed the cancelation news, fans have been very disheartened. But what are the reasons behind season 2’s tragedy?

For all such questions, we did some research, and here are all the insiders’ reports on the Love Craft Season 2’s cancelation.

So, let’s uncover all the secrets!

When Did HBO Announce the Cancelation News?

On Friday 2nd July came the dreadful cancelation news. After all, rumors were true, and now Misha Green’s Lovecraft won’t be getting a renewal.

And the day this happened, Green shared a picture of a map on her Twitter account, and with that, she also disclosed the sequel’s name “Lovecraft Country: Supremacy.” That was very heartbreaking to read because it appeared like she had everything planned.

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Why did HBO Cancel Lovecraft Country Season 2?

Love Craft did exceptionally well in terms of rating and viewership. It even bagged 14 Emmy nominations. Then why did HBO decide to discontinue it?

Well, there are multiple reasons behind it!

Lovecraft Country Season 2

First, the show was based on Matt Ruff’s novel, and the episodes covered pretty much everything in the book. So continuing with the show would look like they are dragging the story, and such a plot could also lead to a drop in ratings. There was not much story left to explore. Consequently, HBO was not ready to take this risk.

But you must be thinking that Green had a script for season 2 prepared, and the showrunners were busy in season 2’s production. Well, yes, but HBO had not said anything regarding the renewal since 2020, so that also gave away their intentions.

Moreover,  maybe the creators saw this coming, and beginning with the production was their strategy to bag another deal from other streaming sites.

And spoiler alert, it worked! Because now season 2 of Love Craft will be airing on Apple TV. 

Does that mean Lovecraft Country season 2 will not make the final cut?

Good news for fans because when HBO canceled the series, Misha Green saved the show by signing a deal with Apple TV.

So that means season 2 of Love Craft is in its pre-production phase right now, and instead of HBO Max, it will stream the show’s season on Apple TV.

What is the Second Season of Lovecraft Country All About?

Love Craft is a show about race, power, horror, and love. The different genres all blend to produce something as beautiful as this series.

However, the show is based on Matt Ruff’s 2016 novel of the same name. Since the story covered all the novel aspects, Green was thinking of introducing new elements to the sequel.

According to Green’s tweet, the story of Lovecraft Country: Supremacy will revolve around new characters. She teased the fans with a picture of a map of America to which she referred as “The Sovereign States of America.”

According to some insiders, there will be a zombie outbreak in the country, and the story will continue. So this ensures that it will keep up with the supernatural genre.

The show will be set in a different place than the one in season 1. Green confirmed this herself. That was all that we know about the plot so far, but in the future, as more trailers drop, we will find out more about the storyline.

Which we hope will be soon!

Will the Same Cast Come Back for Season2 of Lovecraft Country?

Season 1 of Lovecraft Country featured Jonathon Majors, Jurnee Smollett, Courteney B. Vance, and others.

But as season 1’s story is done,  we won’t be seeing the same faces again. However, there is a possibility of the same actors returning as different characters.

This way, fans will also say content, and the producers won’t have to worry about the drop in ratings. But nothing is confirmed yet. We still have to wait for official announcements.

Moreover,  the cast is always revealed a long time before the release of the show.

Is There a Trailer for the Lovecraft Country Season 2?

No, there is only confirmation news about Love Craft’s second season. There is no trailer or even a teaser for the show’s sequel.

However, if the sequel has started filming, then the trailer will come out in 2022, 3 to 4 months before the official release.

That is a long wait, but hopefully, it will be worth it. Green has other wonderful projects coming up, so the fans are about to get a lot of exciting content.

But all they have to do is to remain patient because Green never disappoints!

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