Love Live Superstar Season 2: Confirmed For July 2022?

The Love Live! series is a popular anime. Superstar!! Is adapted from not one, not two, but three different manga series of Love Live!! Kimino Sakurako and Murota Yuuhei are the authors and illustrators of the Series respectively. The season premiere kicked off Love Live Superstar The first season ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, which piqued the fans’ interest.

Fans can’t wait to watch Love Live Superstar Season 2, and we have a lot of hopes for the next episodes of this season. Also, the latest installment of Love Live! Superstar!! Will proceed with the plot of the first season, and then in the second season, we will become the following members of the Series and Love Live! Superstar!! Characters that are new and interesting will also be introduced in Season 2.

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Love Live Superstar Season 2 Plot

The Love Live! anime and manga series The anime version of it debuted on July 11, 2021, after it had been adapted into the medium. and there is a sizable number of people all over the world who follow the Series. Love LiveBiggest !’s Superstar! The series is set in the district of Tokyo known as Yuigaoka Private Girls, and it features a musical subgenre.

The series’ narrative focuses on the story of Yuigaoka Private Girls. The lack of interest shown by the general public has led to the impending demolition of this exclusive girls’ boarding school. Instead, the school accepts Kanon Shibuya and four other first-year girls.

Together, they conclude that they need to find their school’s idol, form a group that is called after their school’s idol, Liella, and make a solemn promise to become famous to validate their status. In addition, the second season of Love Live! Superstar! Will carry on with the same narrative, and the third season will pick up from where the second season left off with a new set of events.

Love Live Superstar Season 2 Cast

Love Live Superstar! continues its format from the first season. Love Live Superstar Season 2!! Staff members for Season 2 include Takahiro Kyougoku as the director…

Love Live Superstar Season 2 Cast
Love Live Superstar Season 2 Cast


  • Jukki Hanada as the series composer,
  • Yuuhei Murota as the original character designer,
  • Atsushi Saitou as the character designer,
  • Reiji Kasuga as the art director,
  • Rie Katou as the color designer,
  • Yuuki Iinuma as the CG director,
  • Tadashi Kitaoka as the photography director,
  • Yoshiaki Fujisawa as the music composer
  • Sunrise is the name of the production firm for animated films.

Love Live Superstar Season 2 Release Date

Even though the second season of Love Live Superstar was confirmed to be in production when the formal announcement was made back in October, a release window was not disclosed at that time. Despite this, the company is expected to announce within the next week that the second season of the popular anime series will begin airing in July of 2022, as part of the Summer programming schedule.

Although a particular date was not disclosed, the message did state that new episodes would begin airing in Japan on Sunday evenings at seven o’clock Japan Standard Time (JST). This indicates that the first episode of Love Live Superstar season 2 should be broadcast either on Sunday, July 3rd, or Sunday, July 10th, depending on where you live in the world.

It’s interesting to note that this release window is in line with the production cycle from the first season, which was officially disclosed to the public in December 2020 and will make its debut in July 2021. As was the case with the first season a year ago, it is anticipated that the second season will also be streamed simultaneously on Crunchyroll for fans located outside of Japan.

Love Live Superstar Season 2 Trailer

There is no information on the trailer released by the show’s creators of Love Live Superstar Season 2. Let’s move down and watch the previous trailer.


Everyone bases their opinion of a show on its rating. In most cases, the ratings provide the clearest picture possible of whether or not a show will continue to air. The higher the ratings, the more likely it is that the character will survive. On MyAnimeList, the anime has a rating of 8.00 out of 10 based on the average audience score, while on IMDb, the program has a rating of 7.6/10, which is a decent rating. Click here, for more articles.

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