Loujain Adada Husband: How Did Walid Juffali From ‘Dubai Bling’ Die?

One fascinating reality show on Netflix is “Dubai Bling,” which follows a group of Dubai’s self-made millionaires going about their daily lives. The series follows the group as they balance a high-profile social life with personal and professional obligations in a world of unimaginable luxury, as seen through their elaborate parties, gorgeous cars, and unfathomable wealth.

The show’s genuine glimpses into the lives of the rich and famous allow viewers to experience what it’s like to live like a millionaire, while the romantic subplots and dramatic twists keep viewers hooked. Loujain Adada, a former supermodel from Lebanon, went on the show as a happy mother of two who was ready to go back into the dating scene.

Her husband died a few years after their wedding, but she married at age 21. The audience’s hearts were broken as they listened to Loujain’s story and wanted to learn more about her late husband. Relax; we’ve got the solutions you’ve been looking for.

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Who Was Loujain Adada’s Husband?

Born in California, Loujain Adada spent most of her formative years in her family’s homeland of Lebanon. She came from a loving, supportive family and soon realized that she loved cosmetics and clothing. Like many others, Loujain Adada aspired to make a living doing what she loved—in this case, modelling.

When she was 14, a magazine offered her the chance to participate in ad photography, and she took advantage of the opportunity. It didn’t take long for word to spread about Loujain’s initial modelling job, and she was immediately inundated with offers.

In addition, MTV Lebanon recognized her abilities and hired her to host the music program “Energy Spin Magazine.” As a result, Loujain’s career seemed poised for a meteoric rise at the tender age of 21. Coincidentally, she began a passionate relationship with the much older Saudi businessman and billionaire Walid Juffali.

Despite opposition from her family and friends due to the age gap, Loujain followed her love and married her long-time crush in November 2012. Even though she was Walid’s third wife, their wedding in Venice was lavish and attended by international luminaries. In the years following their marriage, Loujain and Walid raised their two beautiful children, Talia and Lana, with much joy.

How Rich is Loujain Adada?

The Independent reported in an obituary that Walid Ahmed Juffali left behind an estimated fortune of £8 million. Much of Loujain Adada’s wealth comes from the legacy of her late husband’s property, which was also divided among his other wives and children. Adada’s wealth is at $4 million.

“Sadness can only be alleviated by allowing oneself to experience it. When someone close to them dies, everyone grieves differently. It’s not a sign of weakness to need help, as it’s the price of love on many levels. “The 2019 edition of Ccercle(opens in new tab) quotes Adada as saying.

“Death of my husband and the father of my two young girls, Walid, was tough. No one ever understands their true strength until they have no other option than to show it.” Her words continued: “Even now, we continue to remember him in our conversations, prayers, and hearts. Walid was an excellent role model because of his generous spirit and deep passion for living.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain,” was one of his favourite quotes.” The reality star says in the premiere of Dubai Bling, “I’ve been in Dubai for a year already, and now I feel that I’m ready to be with someone else and have a fresh start in my life.” As of yesterday, Thursday, October 27th, Dubai Bling can be viewed online via the streaming service Netflix.

How Did Loujain Adada’s Husband Die?

Walid Juffali, a successful businessman, lost his life after a protracted fight with cancer. He received treatment for his terminal cancer in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2016, only a few months after Lana was born. Walid had the best medical care available today, but it was not enough to prevent his death at age 61.

By the businessman’s will, the estate sold most of his possessions at auction and distributed the earnings among his three wives and five daughters. So it would appear that Loujain inherited around $1.1 million from her late husband’s estate, significantly increasing her wealth. Her priority following Walid’s passing was being a doting mother to their two girls rather than going back to work.

Loujain Adada Husband Walid Juffali
Loujain Adada Husband Walid Juffali

Loujain Adada Husband Walid Juffali Expensive Divorces

According to Vanity Fair, Christina only received $100 million out of a requested $312 million in the 2016 divorce settlement. This, however, was not his first divorce. According to Arabian Business, Walid paid his first wife, Basma Al-Sulaiman, $62 million to end their divorce in 2000.

Christina reportedly told the High Court, “You have to understand.” To quote, “I’m upgrading from [Bishopsgate House] to a five- or six-bedroom house.” It is a life I have experienced. This is my routine. She continued, “The amount of comfort and splendour we were afforded is difficult to describe.”

Walid Juffali Net Worth

Walid’s wealth was astronomical, but no precise estimate exists, and media reports on his fortune have varied. According to his obituary in The Independent, he left behind an estimated £8 billion (or around $9.2 billion) when he passed away.

Given that he reportedly owned “multiple” residences in the UK with amenities such as three butlers, six gardeners, and $4.62 million worth of art, this staggering sum is unsurprising.

The New York Post said that one of his properties was a 33,000-square-foot English estate on the market for $42 million (down from its original asking price of $65.5 million). Twelve bedrooms and twelve baths were available in that home.

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