Llama Llama Season 3 Is Confirmed or Cancelled?

It seems like after the adult movies genre, Netflix has found its next new category to dominate. With the release of exceptional animated TV Shows, the streaming site has garnered a lot of attention from its subscribers. Produced by Genius Brands, Llama Llama is a web series based on a children’s book series. Its 2nd season aired in 2019, and it has been almost 2 years now. So, the fandom is worried whether Netflix will release Llama Llama Season 3 or not? And it seems like the odds are in our favor!

The book series from which the show is adapted has received a lot of good reviews from critics. So, in case your children (or you) haven’t read it yet, then you should definitely give it a read! Although the show is so famous, it still does not get the deserved hype. Because the show’s illustrations are unique, it clearly stands out from other animated series, but sadly we only have a handful of episodes. But these past few months, there have been rumors about a potential Llama Llama Season 3.

So, if you want to know about the upcoming season’s renewal status, cast, plot, and trailers, then continue reading the article!

Llama Llama Season 3 Release Date

Shortly after the release of the second installment, Netflix had greenlit Llama Llama Season 3 in December of 2019. However, a specific release date was not announced back then. But now that 2021 is almost about to end, does it mean that the show has been canceled? 

No, this does not necessarily mean that the third season was dropped because the pandemic has halted certain businesses. And as Llama Llama is an animated series, most of its work is done in the studios, which couldn’t operate properly due to the lockdowns. So, we can blame Covid-19 for its delay. And if Llama Llama Season 3 had gotten canceled, the showrunners would have updated us by now. But as there are no such announcements, we are still hoping that the third season will be released very soon!

Llama Llama Season 3

Moreover, the official Twitter account has posted several screenshots of the third season. This implies that Season 3 is under production, and you can expect it to release somewhere in 2022!


Netflix has not provided us with the official cast lineup of Llama Llama Season 3 yet. But we are confident that most of the original voice cast will voice their old roles. The potential characters of the upcoming season include:

  • Jennifer Garner as Mama Llama
  • Shayle Simons as Llama Llama
  • Alistair Abell as Billy Goat
  • Austin Abell as Gilroy Goat
  • Shayle Simons as Llama Llama
  • Vania Gill as Luna Giraffe
  • Islie Hirvonen as Nelly Gnu
  • Evans Johnson as Zelda Zebra
  • Grady Ainscough as Roland Rhino
  • Kathleen Barr as Grandma Llama
  • David Orth/David Poole as Grandpa Llama
  • Brenden Sunderland as Euclid Sheep

And we are expecting to see some new faces in the third season too. But the showrunners haven’t announced anything of this sort so far. 


Llama Llama is not like other Netflix animated TV shows. Instead, it has a very child-friendly approach, and if you’re expecting content like that of Bojack Horseman, then you’ll be disappointed! The show promotes positivity among children, and it is quite popular among parents because of the good influence that the characters have on their children.

Llama Llama, the main protagonist of the show, is just like any other kid who makes many mistakes. But her family is always there to help him, and this constructive criticism helps him grow into a better human being. Each episode revolves around a new problem. As it is an anthology, we can’t predict the plot of Llama Llama Season 3, but we are sure that the upcoming season will keep up with its unique content.

Llama Llama Season 3 Trailer 

Unfortunately, we don’t have any footage from Llama Llama Season 3. But as it is in its production phase, we expect to see a teaser (or a trailer) very soon. So, stay tuned!

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