Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Release Date: Which Lincoln Lawyer Novel does Season 3 Adapt?

It may seem like no one is watching the same thing on TV anymore now that there are so many channels to choose from, but The Lincoln Lawyer is one of the streaming era’s undisputed hits.

The first part of Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer was released on Netflix in July 2023, and it rapidly became the service’s most-watched series of the week, even surpassing The Witcher Season 3 (Henry Cavill’s last as Geralt of Rivia).

The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as defense attorney Mickey Haller, is based on a series of books written by Michael Connelly. The show follows a fairly normal courtroom drama pattern for 2023 television, but that’s part of why it’s been so popular.

“I think it’s a redemption story,” showrunner Ted Humphrey told The New York Times in August 2023. “You meet Mickey Haller in Season 1 and he is a broken man who’s lost everything, who has been humbled by a drug addiction. The show, to some extent, is about his journey not just back but beyond, and it’s also about him coming to terms with who he is: this child of privilege on one side and an immigrant mother on the other side.”

Netflix has not confirmed the renewal of The Lincoln Lawyer for a third season, although it seems quite likely. According to Humphrey, writers were already hard at work on new episodes before the WGA strike started in May of 2023.

“We had to shut down our writers’ room for Season 3 when the Writers’ Guild contract expired,” he told NYT. “The problems are genuine and must be fixed; the only way to do so is for the firms to come back to the table with us to negotiate a fair solution. If that happens quickly, we can get right back to work on Season 3.

Read on for details regarding a possible Lincoln Lawyer season three.

What Does the Third Season of the Lincoln Lawyer Focus on?

The Lincoln Lawyer has not yet been renewed for a third season by Netflix, although if it were, it would presumably be adapted from the next book in Michael Connelly’s series of the same name.

Mickey Haller, an attorney for the accused who practices from the trunk of his Lincoln Navigator, is the protagonist of a series of books.

Which Lincoln Lawyer Novel does Season 3 Adapt?

Which Lincoln Lawyer Novel does Season 3 Adapt

It is currently unknown which novel will serve as the basis for Season 3, however, Season 1’s The Brass Verdict and Season 2’s The Fifth Witness are both out of the running.

In an interview with Today published in July 2023, author Manuel Garcia-Rulfo said that the fifth novel, The Gods of Guilt, would serve as the basis for the third season. (Matthew McConaughey starred in the cinematic version of the first book in the series, also named The Lincoln Lawyer, in 2011.)

Amazon, not Netflix, owns the rights to the Bosch books, therefore despite the fact that in the books Mickey Haller is the half-brother of Michael Connelly’s other renowned character Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch, this is not the case in the streaming world.

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