Are Catfish’ Couples Leuh And Justin Still Together?

Leuh And Justin Still Together: Watching Catfish, an MTV reality show, is a wild ride. There are a lot of unbelievable and intense episodes, and you can never really tell what’s going to happen next. Some things are the same, like when Nev and his co-host Kamie use the internet to learn more about their guests and then track them down (and when Max was on the series, he was the one doing this alongside Nev).

While many people don’t find lasting love after appearing on Catfish because of the excessive amount of lying involved, it’s interesting to learn about what it’s like to be a star on the show and to see how some couples have persevered despite the odds.

Some people have tried their best to establish genuine connections with others but have encountered difficulties. Catfish Catfish, also known as Catfish: The TV Show, is an American reality documentary series airing on MTV that explores the truth and fiction of online dating in the United States.

Fans wanted to know about Are Leuh And Justin From Catfish Still Together, Nope, the couple broke up in 2016 and remain as good friends. Check out the article below to learn whether or not Catfish’s Leuh and Justin are still together.

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The Adventures of Catfish with Leuh and Justin

Justin and Leuh are just like any other Catfish couple; they met on Instagram and quickly developed feelings for each other. Having started out exclusively via the social media platform, they quickly resorted to lengthy voice calls. However, Justin began showing signs of being a catfish as he absolutely refused to appear on a video call.

So, while Leuh knew Justin’s gender, she had no idea if he was actually the same person as depicted in the pictures. When Leuh found out that Justin had flown to his hometown while touring universities, he began making excuses for why he couldn’t meet her in person and her suspicions about Justin’s true identity only grew. 


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It was very suspicious behaviour after almost two years of online communication. As a result, Leuh reached out to the hosts of “Catfish,” Nev and Max. When Nev and Max began investigating Justin, they were taken aback to find that everything they had heard about him was absolutely accurate. 

Even the hosts made the observation that nobody else had been verified as a real person so quickly. However, the seemingly perfect surface soon gave way to trouble as Justin’s friend, Todd, said he had never heard of someone called Leuh. Besides, Justin also seemed involved with another girl named Jamie, who had no idea about Leuh and was devastated to learn about her.

Soon after, Justin cut all contact with Leuh and even stopped replying to her texts. Nev and Max had no choice but to take Leuh to California, Justin’s birthplace, so they flew her there (Leuh is originally from New York). When they arrived at his house, they met Justin’s dad, but they couldn’t find Justin. Next day, Todd led everyone to the beach where Justin had been seen to be hiding.

Leah And Justin Relationship

In season 5 of the catfish series, they featured leuh and Justin, and they both seemed natural. They had a challenging situation, and Leah was willing to go to Justin in person since Leah had lived in New York and wanted to move to California and go to college there, so she thought she could stay with Justin. The two finally ran into each other on the beach, and Justin took the time to fill Leuh in.

Are Leuh And Justin Still Together?

When confronted, Justin claimed that he wanted to keep things private and didn’t want to end up on the show. In addition, he claimed that he was seeing Jamie at the time Leuh came to visit him, but he ended up ghosting her because of Leuh’s presence.

Leah And Justin Relationship
Leah And Justin Relationship

However, he affirmed to have broken up since then, and the two were quite happy to meet each other finally. Fans began to wonder if Justin and Leuh would be able to last through the years after they discussed getting married. Unfortunately, Justin and Leuh’s relationship is now a closed chapter as both have gone their separate ways. 

Following their appearance on the show, the pair were going strong, and reports stated that Leuh moved to California in order to be close to her boyfriend. Leuh and Justin appeared to be deeply in love, with the former even posting a series of endearing anniversary messages to the latter on social media.

To everyone’s surprise, Leuh announced their breakup to the world in 2016, writing, “ive learned so much in this past year but most importantly is that you cant turn an internet man slut into a boyfriend.” Since then, Leuh and Justin have avoided the spotlight and chosen to live quietly behind closed doors.

Leuh has recently come out as single and is settling into her new life as a resident of San Diego, California. On the other hand, it looks like Justin is still based out of his birthplace of Huntington Beach. He is secretive about his personal life, but his Facebook page reveals that he is divorced.

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