Lala Kent Divorce: What Happened To Cause Breakup Of ‘Vanderpump’ Couple?

It seemed like Lala Kent and Randall Emmett were headed down the aisle together, but love is a fickle friend, especially for reality TV couples. After three years of marriage and the birth of their daughter Ocean, the Vanderpump Rules stars called it quits in October 2021.

Friends of Lala’s were “totally in shock over this news,” an insider told HollywoodLife exclusively as rumors of cheating claims against Randall spread. A second source chimed in, saying, “They’re utterly inseparable and their relationship has gone through so much that it would be incredibly terrible if things were to be over for good.”

Finally, Lala and Randall’s relationship is officially finished, as they have both moved on and publicly addressed the breakup. Read on to see what happened and where things are between them now.

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Where Did They Meet?

To get in touch with Lala’s management, Randall “came in for Christmas dinner and brought his assistant up to me and asked me if he could obtain my manager’s contact data because he wanted me in a film,” Lala told Cosmopolitan in 2018.

I scheduled the shoot, and from there we just clicked. This past season of [Vanderpump Rules] was my first exposure to the show. As far as I can recall, only the first three episodes of Season 4 had been shown.

Lala Kent And Randall Emmett’s Relationship

Lala would not publicly acknowledge her connection with Randall, instead calling him “my man,” until after his 2017 divorce from Ambyr Childers was finalized. In 2018, Lala and Randall made their relationship public when she posted an Instagram to express her appreciation for him. She also denied the rumors that she had cheated on her husband with him.

Randall proposed to Lala in September of that year, while they were on vacation in Mexico. Lala gushed, “Last night was the best night of my entire life,” on Instagram. This is the man of my dreams, and I’m engaged to him. And now I get to call this incredible person my fiancé! They had Ocean in March of 2021.

Randall told UsWeekly in May 2021, “Now that the baby’s out and thriving, we have had some fantastic date nights and have found a way to have our [time] where everybody is out of the way.” We’ve hit our stride.

Lala Kent And Randall Emmett's Relationship
Lala Kent And Randall Emmett’s Relationship

Lala removed all social media references to Randall just five months later and “liked” a meme accusing the film producer of infidelity. Photos of Randall with two ladies in Nashville spread around. The pair broke up even though the charges were never proven true. Lala was taken aback by the turn of events involving Randall.

A source has told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that when the truth was revealed, “the rug was yanked out from under her entirely.” She was convinced that he adored her. No matter what he does, she will never return to him. Don’t bother talking to her about it anymore; she’s finished. As they say, “That’s a wrap.”

Lala Kent Divorce, What Words Were Spoken?

“Yes, there was a lot of betrayals,” Lala said on her podcast “Give Them Lala,” adding, “What he was doing behind the scenes was not the same as the life he was portraying when we were around each other.” So, it’s difficult for me to start from a place of, like, mourning a loss that wasn’t genuine.

I buried my head in the sand for far too long, but I appreciate everything now. “What’s another five years and change compared to the mess I would’ve been in?” she elaborated As I explained in therapy, “the second I get a pit in my stomach, it’ll be a different dialogue the second I feel unsafe.” I climbed out of that hole and into the daylight. Totally without inquiry on our part. Buh-bye.”

Though he denied having cheated, Randall did admit to acting badly. In March, he admitted his and her fallibility on his friend Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi’s podcast, “Genuinely GG,” but he vowed never to bring it to the public. I don’t think it’s the right time. Not that I could tell her anyway. She’s a tough cookie, but I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll eventually calm down.

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